Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jalaibe - a new independant Pakistani film

Don't much else about the film! Its directed by some guy called Yasir Jaswal. Seems pretty well done but scared that it may be following in the visual footsteps of the Zinda Bhaag bandwagon! Seems a lot like its trying to emulate Adnan Malik's music video "My Punjabi Love for you"

But let me not judge too quick. Maybe it will be great!

The press release below, shares a little bit about what the movie may be but is so vague that it makes you wonder what the film is about!

Well....on another note...Zhalay Sarhadi looks gorgeous though!

The teaser is below!

Jalaibee Official Teaser from Jaswal Films on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Game Changers of the Pakistan Entertainment Industry 2013

I am glad to see Hamza Ali Abassi! Although I am rarely attracted to desi men but I saw his face plastered all over the billboards in Pakistan and I can safely say that I have never seen a better looking man in Pakistan before this guy! Swoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!

Other game changers include Waar, Aamina Sheikh and Mathira! Check out the article!

Friday, December 27, 2013


Sindh High Court order dt 4th Sept declared this wall illegal, we have pushed all avenues to implement this order and still this wall remains a menace to the people of the area, businesses and residents have faced tremendous hardship for over 6 years.

Come Join this movement for Karachi on Sunday 29th Dec at 1pm onwards - this is an illegal wall, it must be demolished


So I am getting reports that Zardari's goons showed up in black cars and beat up the protestors and then the sold-out police also did the same to poor PTI supporters. The media adds insult to injury by running headlines mocking the PTI supporters. I guess everyone has sold their soul in Pakistan. I quote my darling Saba Khan "Yeh police walay kisee kay naheen hotay....yeh kanjar log"

However, this recent report offers a little sliver of hope that the road in front of the gaudy Bilawal House has been partially opened!

The news story!

As a Result of PTI Protest More than Half of the road Surrounding Bilawal house reopened for Public after Many Years - Well done PTI Karachi Workers and Leadership

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A bride for Taher Shah

Or as a reader said "Taher Shah has competition" LOL

Veena Malik is married!

The groom is Asad Bashir Khan Khattak and the wedding was in Dubai!


Asad added that functions would be held in Dubai, Pakistan, and the U.S., where Veena said that her husband promised her a “white wedding.”

Asad, famous in Pakistani film as well as a singer, is old friends with Veena. Her father, Mohammad Ali, and Asad’s father, Senior Bashir, have been good friends since their army days and one day decided to change their friendship into a family relationship. Thus, the marriage.

“I’m more than happy today, I think I’m the happiest girl in the world,” Veena said outside of the court.


Here is hoping they have a wonderful life! And I genuinely hope so! Congrats Veena!

Frieha Altaf...Mooooo-ing on UP!

LOL...thanks to a reader for sending this to me! Oh Frieha was a Christmas party NOT Halloween! Save your udders!


Now our girl was spotted out on the town again! PETA ignored her because they really did think she was a sheep. a black sheep! For a fashionista surrounded by gay men. She really does need a reality check!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Questions for Ali Azmat from Monkeys!

So....after the whole Pakistan Idol debacle that took place where Ali Azmat did what he knows best...douchebagginess! Instead of apologizing, Ali Azmat went on a crazy, napoleon-complex infused twitter rant. His latest rant was below.

So with due respect, I took to social media and asked my readers to offer their critique and questions for Ali Azmat.

What resulted was an immediate barrage of emailed, inboxed and publicly commented questions and critique for our little has-been, ruckstar!

It was hard to choose the best ones but my below are some of my favorites:

Dear Ali, Are you upset that your mother didn’t read the label “article may shrink in size” before she put you in the washing machine?

Dear Ali, someone told me you had bad breath. I was APPALLED . That meant someone actually kissed you.

Dear Ali, If Vinnie kissed you, how come you are still a frog? Taddoooooo!

Dear Ali, don’t you think instead of “Jupiters” the name of your first band should have been “Uranus”.

Dear Ali, Why did Brian and Salman Ahmed have to move to the States? Why couldn’t it have been you?

Dear Ali, Is it true that when Vinnie was asked what her two biggest career mistakes were she said “Ali Azmat” and “Ali Azmat again.”

Dear Ali, when is your next album coming out? Wait…no one cares!!!

Dear Ali, When was the last time you thought you were talented? Take as long as you want to answer that question. I know it’s a hard one!

Dear Ali, why do you have more double chins than a Chinese phone book?

Dear Ali, when your 3 month contract with Pakistan Idol ends what would be your next move? Spokesperson for weight loss pills or hair growth treatment?

Dear Ali, where would you hide an elephant if you got it as a gift?

Dear Ali, do you miss your hair? Because I am sure your hair misses you.

Dear Ali, Is it the long term effects of the desi tharra or just bad genes?

Dear Ali. There were 2 million sperms and look who won out. How? Why?

Dear Ali. Have you heard about the 12th commandment? The two that Moses lost. It goes like this. "Though shall have two heads, thy should have only enough blood to run one at a time". Can you explain why you don't have enough to run either?

Dear Ali, us monkeys gave you more “publicity” then you have ever had in the last 10 years. You can thank us later for making you relevant! Douche bag!

Dear Ali, shouldn’t you be drinking DIET pepsi on Pakistan Idol?

Dear Ali, if its called Pakistan idol why are you trying so hard to have an American accent? Its not working bud!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

AbTakk's news reporter is a homophobic, ignorant buffoon!

This news reporter for Pakistani national TV (don't even know her name) trespassed with police and camera crews into a transgendered persons house and made terrible accusations about her and what could or could-not be the trans person's boyfriend. For a minute its hard to distinguish who the hijra is? She looks more like a hijra than the other one.

How is this allowed? How is this being condoned? In a world where A&E can rightfully pull Phil Robertson out of the dumb Duck Dynasty show, why are news channels such as Ab Takk allowing this infringement of privacy? This injustice?

Can every idiot in Pakistan with no ethics, get a camera crew, become a journalist and invade innocent people's privacy? This is unacceptable.

The boyfriend discloses that he suffers from mental health issues and her reply to the audience is "What man would confess he has mental issues?" lets not even get started on the fact that mental health is a real problem and while the world is trying hard not to stigmatize it and for people to acknowledge and seek treatment for it, she further pushes people into the dark ages.

This is heart breaking and although the LGBTQ community in Pakistan can not unfortunately be open, we as heterosexual allies to our gay and lesbian friends need to be brave take a stand once and for all.

We may not have camera crews but there is still a LOT that we can do! Dear Readers...

1. Please share this blog or this article with as many people as you can denouncing this bitch's actions.

2. Please share with me her name and any incriminating information you may have on this woman. We have to give people a taste of their own medicine. Unless they know what its like to have your skeletons dragged out, they will continue doing things like these. We may not have camera crews but we have the power of social media. If they can be journalists so can we.

3. Please share with me the names of the heads and write to the heads of the news channel to cancel her show and show us how this couple are now safe and sound.

Male & She Male living as Husband Wife in Pakistan by zemvideos


The Director of News at Ab Takk is Nasir Baig Chugtai and the Managing Director is Syed Fahad Shah.
Please email them and share your disdain for this injustice:

Ali Azmat...the has-been twats on twitter!

The plot thickens and worsens into a rotten mess!

Please exhibit below, Ali Azmat's latest responses on twitter to his douchebaggery! I know Pakistan is a country of no accountability but who does this Has-Been seriously think he is?

Here is another interesting tid-bit about Ali Azmat that a reader shared with me:

'I remember many years ago, Karachi decided to have a "Battle of the Bands" with local aspiring musicians. I was home from college so I decided to go.

Since youth in Pakistan had always admired Junoon (Thanks to Salman Ahmed and Brian O thanks to Guree-shao Azmat) they had requested Ali Azmat to serve as a judge. 3 days before the event, he cancelled on all the youth and was quoted spewing vitriol at a party to the likes of "Yeh kal kay bachay music bananay chalay hain...koi talent naheen."

Youth scrounged around in panic since his name had already been printed on the tickets. Finally, one of the kids suggested Junaid Jamshed only because he had a family connection with the former Vital Signs front-man. Many worried that it was an "out of the frying pan into the fire situation" since Junaid Jamshed had become a bearded, born-again muslim. However since he was someone who pioneered rock music and music videos in Pakistan (Dil, Dil Pakistan) they decided to approach him. Not only did Junaid Jamshed agree to serve as a judge to encourage these youth but he was very supportive of everyone as he stood there with his long beard and a big smile, encouraging all the aspiring musicians on stage. At one point he even pointed out one of the singers and stated "Waisay kehna tu naheen chaiiye...laikin is larkay kee shakal Tom Cruise say naheen miltee?" All the girls swooned and cheered with applause while the good-looking kid blushed.

That good-looking kid is now known to the world as Fawad Khan. And many of the other bands from that event went on to become big names and change Pakistani music industry. The likes of Jal, EP etc) And yes these same "kal kay larkay" replaced the fat, drunk Ali Azmat!

So at the end of the day, we all have more respect for born-again muslims like Junaid Jamshed than paranoid and insecure rockstar, wannabes like Ali Azmat!

Yet he never learns. A has-been who has long been replaced with fresher talent continues to act like an idiot!


There is a petition going on. Please sign and share! I say we should rally to replace Ali Azmat with Taher Shah. Then I would support Pakistani Idol!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ali Azmat...a hardboiled egg of a douchebag!

Ali Azmat! you are NOT Simon! Have you forgotten when you first started singing. Your band was called "Jupiters" Really??? It should have been called "Uranus". You were a Garishao local with stonewashed jeans. Now you have bloated into the size of a walrus with your heavy drinking and just because Vinnie went through a blind phase you think you are all that?

Stop ridiculing people! This could have been funny and entertaining but it was almost painful to watch! Because you are just an asshole! You have already been with it. Or better yet call your old friend Salman Ahmed and get a few tips on how to stay classy and age gracefully!


Rob Crilly, a contributor for The Telegraph wrote an article about the debacle and unfortunately it seems like Pakistan idol is nothing but a bunch of idiots.


The producers are unrepentant.

A show insider said: “It’s a bit of a culture shock. This is not a place where people say what they think - well not in public, at least – but it’s all part of the show.”

Imran Aslam, the president of Geo TV, the channel that bought the rights to the Pop Idol franchise, promised not to tone down the criticism.

“There’s certainly been some criticism of the judges but it should be taken in the spirit of the show,” he said. “If someone can’t sing, well then they can’t sing.”


Who wants to buy Veena Malik's Lighting Bra

Not sure if I would like to go out clubbing in this number...but I guess times are probably tough for Veena Jee. Someone has taken to Ebay!

Oh and you can also buy an Abaya if you want!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NYC Taxi Driver Beefcake Calender 2014

Why do I feel like my uncle may pop up in this calendar??? LOL would make a for a great holiday gift tho!

Monday, December 9, 2013

St. Joseph's Christian Hospice needs our help - PLEASE HELP!!!

Christian or Muslim or Hindu....This hospice is doing humanitarian work, Allah's work, Haqooq-ul-Ibad!

They have helped people for 50 years. Lets help them continue for 50 or a 100 more!!


A hospice that caters mainly to Muslim patients is now being forced to close because of falling donations and rising costs.

Sister Margaret Walsh and a team of Pakistani and international volunteers have been trying to keep St. Joseph's running.

But after 50 years, donations are drying up, and electricity and medical costs are rising.

"[The Hospice] gives a unique service...There is no place...that helps the disabled, the chronically ill, [who] are rejected from other hospitals, [who] can't afford to go to hospitals, [who] can't afford expensive treatments."


Please donate at their website here.

And if nothing else, help spread the word!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Muslim passenger shot in face in terrifying Russia subway attack

What the hell is wrong with Russia! Putin....stop modeling your saggy skin shirtless on horses (its disgusting) and do your fucking JOB!


The attackers drew guns in the vicious assault which was caught on footage obtained by Life News, a major Russian media outlet.

One of the attackers brandished a pistol and lashed out at his defenceless victim, then pointed the pistol in his face before firing a second round.

The other attacker then shot into the abdomen of Khashim Latipov, 30, from Dagestan.

He kicked him and shot again, putting the gun at the man’s head, as other passengers fled to the far end of the carriage.

Faces of both attackers were caught by the security camera in the November 17 incident. Miraculously, Lapitov survived the attack but is seriously wounded.

The footage was released in a bid to catch the attackers.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kamala Khan - Pakistani Muslim Girl Superhero

.....from New Jersey!


With most superheroes, when you take away the colorful costume, mask and cape, what you find underneath is a white man. But not always. In February, as part of a continuing effort to diversify its offerings, Marvel Comics will begin a series whose lead character, Kamala Khan, is a teenage Muslim girl living in Jersey City.

Kamala, whose family is from Pakistan, has devotedly followed the career of the blond, blue-eyed Carol Danvers, who now goes by Captain Marvel, a name she inherited from a male hero. When Kamala discovers her powers, including the ability to change shape, she takes on the code name Ms. Marvel — what Carol called herself when she began her superhero career.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

From Haidri to Harvard!

Well not really but Congrats to Anum Fatima for making it to Harvard!


For Soheil and Nasreen Akhtar, Anum’s parents, the news of Anum’s Harvard stint came as boundless joy. Soheil, who works as a driver in a Karachi-based organisation, was able to complete just his matriculation while his wife never had formal education. The two therefore always dreamed of their daughter achieving milestones in education. With a meagre income, Anum’s father could barely manage the family’s basic needs. Paying for the schooling fees of his children was a stretch. But Anum’s performance at school came to her rescue.

“I was very keen to study and always stood first in class even in the private Urdu medium neighbourhood schools I studied in upto grade 9,” she says. “My parents were very supportive. I must thank TCF which has been my motivating force by supporting me with scholarships as well as logistical guidance at every step. They offered me a scholarship to complete my studies after grade 9, by giving me admission at the Yousuf Goth TCF school. I became the first girl in my family to complete matriculation,” she says.


Bug ups to The Citizen Foundation. The entire article here.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Vogue does Lahore!


Suhair Khan discovers Michelin-worthy kebabs, meets major artists in their homes and spotlights Lahore's most popular fashion designers

In the heart of a throbbing city of 10 million people is a walled island where the timestamp seems to be stuck somewhere around 1647 AD.

Bags of saffron, turmeric, fresh peaches and dried tobacco are piled high along shoulder-width cobbled streets. And so while standing in the midst of Old Lahore's Wazir Khan Mosque this summer, in the deepest corner of the Mughal-era Androon Shehr -- as the Asr azaan was called out of the tiled minars -- I held my breath and waited for reality to seep back through my skin.

The thing is, as you drive back through those narrow roads and onto lush tree-lined boulevards, Lahore's reality hits you pretty quickly: start-up competitions, art fairs, parties, fashion shows, incessant wedding celebrations, (many) flyovers, abnormally large malls and business conferences.

Lahore is, in every way, an archetypical contemporary city -- peppered with some necessary chaos and flavoured with a fair dose of Punjabi swagger.


More fun pics here!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Best of luck Sharista Baig!

Miss Sharista Baig, daughter of Col.Mahmud Baig is the first GD fighter pilot from Gilgit Baltistan. She belongs to Karimabad Hunza. Wish her all the best! A proud moment for Women of Pakistan.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Third World Problems: Spending Fortunes on Birthday Parties for Kids who wont even remember them!

For my friends raising their kids abroad...sure its hard....sometimes you wonder if your children are missing out on things. Honestly....these days, you may actually be better off. Although it used to be the opposite, I can state that children growing up abroad TODAY are more humble, down-to-earth and less-snobbish than those growing up in luxury of Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore today.

From large bribes just to have your unborn baby placed on a waiting list of prestigious kindergarten to first-class tickets for a child's nanny to keeping up with the Jamils an Joneses to have a birthday party on a shaadi's budget!

An interesting article by Salima Feerasta about how much wealth is being spent on birthday parties of children.


[A mother] put her child’s picture on a billboard at the party. Karachi is not far behind. There was a Ferrari party recently that used a Cars theme where the décor alone apparently cost Rs200,000. Another parent invited the actor who plays Mr Bean in the HBL ads to his daughter’s Mr Bean themed party. The invite for this party was a miniature stuffed toy in a tin while the goody bag was a leather box. A Mr Bean lookalike may have seemed a coup of sorts but it can’t top the Bollywood themed party for a 10-year old in Lahore a few years ago. Katrina Kaif performed live at the party while a huge screen displayed personal messages recorded by various Bollywood stars including Kareena Kapoor.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Frieha Altaf – Self-Absorbed and DELUSIONAL!

So as I am reading and enjoying a very inspiring and possibly good-idea-of-an article in the Express Tribune by Saadia Qamar, Irfan Ghauri and Kazim Alam about some local Pakistani celebrities, I couldn’t help but feel a warm, tingly feeling of encouragement and hope. The likes of legends such as Anwar Maqsood, Samina Pirzada, Asad Omar and Vinnie. Till I landed on Frieha Altaf and her distasteful, self-serving slice which first makes you wonder who the hell invited her to this party and then after hearing what she has to say makes you wince and almost feel sorry for her!

Most people in the article are actual inspiring figures but one wonders what role Ms. Altaf really serves these days besides forcing young girls to sign their lives away in a contract with her agency where they are reduced to extras in chai commercials. But I get it, Pakistan is fashion conscious and has made quite strides in that industry so why not do a little bit on her too. However upon reading her responses to two very basic questions meant to inspire and encourage youth in their twenties, one figures out exactly why the world detests her. She managed to make it all about herself. Once again, it was Freiha Altafs version of “How I am like totally better than you, [because I am like really not] but like I am just going to stroke my own ego [because like no one else is doing it] and now make this about me me me!”
I can just picture the poor girls who walk into her Catwalk Modeling Agency. They probably all have to succumb to listening to three hours of an arrogant tribute she gives herself and her career while knocking the hopeful down.
This self-proclaimed supermodel whom no one had heard of till she started a modeling agency, has a way of rewriting fashion history by recreating bits about herself.
Supermodel? Really? I mean just because you were Junaid Jamshed little love interest in “Sanwalee Salonee” and may have posed for a two-page spread in MAG circa 1980s in your mom-jeans and camel-toe….I am not exactly sure you could qualify as the reigning supermodel of Pakistani 80s…or 90s. WAKE UP!
Oh and I almost choked on my tea this morning laughing at her little “I had honorary admissions in Ivy League graduate schools like Columbia and University of Pennsylvania, but I wanted to be an artist and sculptor.” Ok…sweetie…sweetie…sweetie….what the hell is an “honorary admission” anyway. These are Ivy League schools. You either get in…or you don’t! There are no “honorary admissions”. Unless you were talking about Columbia University in New Yaar Khan or UPenn Landhi Campus…I refuse to buy your little fib here. Please do clarify. You do realize that receiving an application packet isn’t exactly an acceptance letter. But the again in your world, one ad through nepotism leads to supermodel status so I totally see where you may be coming from!
She goes on to talk about her offers for Bollywood films. Yeah ok sweetie…must be nice to build a fantasy world around yourself. Were you offered a cameo in a Tamil fillum? And the CEO of the first modeling agency you talk about is where you encourage your girls to get Botox right? I mean….really? You might as well give Joan Rivers a contract to model for you!
What a joke!
Anyway the rest of the people interviewed were all quite impressive so do check out the article!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LOL Reshma Jawaan ho gayeeee!!!

Thanks to a fb friend for the title!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pakistani model Fehmina Chaudhry found murdered!

Details of the motive behind the realtors actions. Lover? Greed? Disgusting.

Singapore-based Pakistani model Fehmina Chaudhry was found murdered in the Pakistan capital of Islamabad on Monday, after her alleged murderer confessed to killing her and led the police to her body.

According to reports by the Pakistan media, Ms Chaudhry’s mother, Ms Nashiba Taskeen, reported the 27-year-old as missing on Oct 12. Ms Chaudhry was visiting Islamabad to buy property.

"Police arrested the real estate broker and after interrogation, he told officers that he had murdered the model and dumped her body in a stream at the outskirts of the city," Islamabad police spokesman Muhammad Naeem told AFP.

Her promoter in Pakistan, Mr Asif Hashmi, confirmed Chaudhry's death, and said she was married with a son and a daughter. "She was a dedicated philanthropist and she was planning to set up a fashion school in Pakistan," Mr Hashmi said, adding that she had won several beauty contests.

Further details can be found here.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Pakistani Salman Khan finally gets his runway debut!

Now if we could also find a Fardeen Khan in Pakistan. Ill be there to propose! ;)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Which corrupt general is getting coins in his pockets for this????

Sorry for ruining your days with terrible news each minute! But the last time I flew to Karachi just to protest Shahruke Jatoi's murder. I tried Kolachi because it was highly recommended. I loved it from the food and the service. My fellow activist friends sat and talked about politics. One certain pessimist friend remarked

"Yes Kolachi is great..but enjoy it while you can....nothing that's good here in Pakistan ever survives!"

We chastised him because we thought he was bringing us down. We were energized. We spent our own money to fly down to protest a murder and the turnout was great. We wanted to be hopeful!

A week ago I heard the news that Shahrukh asshole Jatoi was free to roam the streets...and our efforts were in vain!

Now this!


The restaurants stretched across almost 2.5 kilometres in Phase VIII of the Defence Housing Authority face the threat of being uprooted due to a notice issued by DHA authorities, asking them to shut down and vacate the premises.


Caption this...

...I would but Im still a little speechless!!!! Funny? Distasteful?

La Tomatina festival in Lahore.....ASSHOLERY!

When people complained about Basant and Rung in Pakistan, I was the first one to argue that it was just people having fun! BUT this....this going a little far. In a country where people cant afford to buy a dozen tomatoes for a decent meal, thousands of veggies will be WASTED to ape another country's culture....and the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

Really guys? Reallyyy....????? You done LOST your mind!


If this event actually does take place, it would not just be the wastage of a valuable food resource. The very fact that tomatoes, which are currently among the priciest of goods in the average sabzi mandi (vegetable market), this event is going to be a slap in the face of any underprivileged onlooker. You would be telling him/her that you have the power of not just affording but also wasting an item that costs more than half of their daily wage.

xxxx do realize you will be imitating another part of history soon....the French Revolution happen!

Medal of Honor - Mission Karachi, video game

EA's first game on terrorism in Karachi! Have a view of the busy streets of Saddar!

The detailing and graphics is VERY impressive. At least my friends who have always wanted to see Pakistan will get to visit this way. Not too keen on the terrorism aspect...BUT it is a video game and I guess that is what sells.

Thoughts from readers?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gay Pakistan

Interesting article!

As an ally, I hope this article helps more than hurts! I hope the pseudonyms used were as far away from actual names as possible and the pictures could have been blurred more. This is good but I don't know how I feel about writing an article about the shrine and apps that men currently use to socialize. In a country where they blocked youtube, maybe it was a better idea to not call attention to it so our poor gay brothers could live their lives.

Anyway, anyone who knows me, knows I am the biggest advocate for gay rights in Pakistan so hopefully this situation gets better and I could be the bridesmaid at Peanut's wedding! =)


Underground parties, group sex at shrines and "marriages of convenience" to members of the opposite sex are just some of the surprises that gay Pakistan has to offer. Under its veneer of strict social conformity, the country is bustling with same-sex activity.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

How much can I invest in a license plate that says FU???

I could buy a condo in Brooklyn for that price!

License plate that says F1 bought for 600k now worth 9 million! He is waiting on an even better offer! The article.

Afzal thoray paisay idhar bhi?


A wealthy businessman in Great Britain recently turned down a 9.3 million dollar offer to purchase a license plate that says F1. Afzal Kahn purchased the F1 license plate in 2008 for a little over $685,000. Now, it’s worth 13.5 times that! The F1 plate was the very first license plate registered in Essex County in 1904. Screw stocks and bonds, we're going to start investing in license plates!.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chootia of the day!


And how much do you want to bed this UNCLE stood in line, following all the rules with his head bowed down, saying "yes sir yes sir" at whatever foreign airport he boarded the plane.

He saves this piggish behavior for when he lands in his own country!

Please share and help me shame him!


These "educated" elite feel free to break rules and then turn around and bemoan the fact that nobody respects the law in this country.
I asked him to put out the cigarette and he sternly refused. Some VIP surrounded by airport security, smoking in a no smoking area inside Karachi Airport.
Share this, condemn this man and refuse to bow down to VIP culture.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Amir Liaquat cant keep his hands off this boy!

Is it just me or is Amir Liaquat totally drooling over this kid????

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Amir Liaquat...the next Altaf Hussain?

Is this what Ramzan is about? Fights and arrogance! How can we get this idiot of the airwaves.

Look at him making threats and being absolutely disgusting on his show. Lets give him a real reason to be upset!


Saturday, July 27, 2013

All-female jirga in Pakistan!

Heck yeahhhhhhh!!! Although jirgas of any kind are never the answer. But hey....if you cant beat em...join em!


The jirga is making history, and perhaps making enemies. In Swat, as in many parts of Pakistan, men make the key decisions - like whether or not their daughters go to school, when they marry, and who they marry. And oppression starts early. Tahira was married off at just 12 years old, to a middle-aged man

Ms Abdullah wants jirgas stopped whether male or female. "The jirga system is totally illegal, and has been declared illegal by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. It can never be just. There are several extremely notorious cases where we have noticed that women do not get justice from jirgas, neither do non-Muslims."

But for some, like Jan Bano, the women's jirga is bringing hope. Every day she climbs a steep hill to visit Tahira's grave, and pray for the daughter whose voice has still not her heard. Her video recording was not played in court.


The article can be found here.

I want to be a Burka Avenger too

Check out this trailer for Burka Avenger, the first animated series to be produced in Pakistan. The cartoon was created by local pop star Haroon and stars a burka-clad female superhero who takes on her enemies using a martial art called Takht Kabaddi, which uses books and pens as weapons. The series is intended to provide a positive role model for girls in the face of the Taliban's opposition to female education.

Amir Liaquat drunk?

1. First of all, I don't have issues with anyone who drinks


I do have issues with bigots that pretend to be Alims judging the world for committing sins when they do the same!

2. Secondly, hard to believe that Amir Laanat would be stupid enough to admit drinking


If this is a way for Taher Shah to get back at Amir Laanat....I saw touché Taher Shah...touché!

The plot thickens!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taher Shah....I am your fan now! I got your back!

And Amir Liaquat, I want to shove that same snake where the sun don't shine with you but I am afraid you may enjoy that too much!

Today, my inbox was full of my readers sharing with me a video of Taher Shah on Amir Liaquat's show. I excitedly clicked on the link hoping to be entertained. Not just by Taher Shah but Amir Liaquat who is the BIGGEST douchebag on airwaves right now. After watching the 7 minute clip, I sat there with the realization that when its all said and done, Taher Shah is a far more classier man than Amir Liaquat could ever even aspire to be. The man who claim to be a "muslim" was openly bullying a man who has just followed his dreams, stayed true to himself and has entertained the country at a time of despair.

F you Amir Liaquat...and leave our Taher Shah alone. he makes us smile and laugh just by singing. We don't need you to step in. You depress us and make us angry. Go back to the slum you came from. And who the hell is this Yazdani character? You guys are the bigots that pretend to be "holy" but are as evil as they come!

I guess its all for the better. Because, your plan backfired Amir. Social media is abuzz with Pakistanis singing praises for Taher and standing in his corner. They have further lost respect for you...that is if they had any in the first place!

And now the video!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Amir Liaquat....LEAVE US ALONE!

LOL a great parody can be found here!

Shahid Khan....I Moustache you a question!

How did you become so successful???

Jokes aside! Shahid Khan is the owner of the American NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars and the British Football club Fulham. A wealthy Pakistani with an inspiring story!