Monday, September 30, 2013

The Pakistani Salman Khan finally gets his runway debut!

Now if we could also find a Fardeen Khan in Pakistan. Ill be there to propose! ;)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Which corrupt general is getting coins in his pockets for this????

Sorry for ruining your days with terrible news each minute! But the last time I flew to Karachi just to protest Shahruke Jatoi's murder. I tried Kolachi because it was highly recommended. I loved it from the food and the service. My fellow activist friends sat and talked about politics. One certain pessimist friend remarked

"Yes Kolachi is great..but enjoy it while you can....nothing that's good here in Pakistan ever survives!"

We chastised him because we thought he was bringing us down. We were energized. We spent our own money to fly down to protest a murder and the turnout was great. We wanted to be hopeful!

A week ago I heard the news that Shahrukh asshole Jatoi was free to roam the streets...and our efforts were in vain!

Now this!


The restaurants stretched across almost 2.5 kilometres in Phase VIII of the Defence Housing Authority face the threat of being uprooted due to a notice issued by DHA authorities, asking them to shut down and vacate the premises.


Caption this...

...I would but Im still a little speechless!!!! Funny? Distasteful?

La Tomatina festival in Lahore.....ASSHOLERY!

When people complained about Basant and Rung in Pakistan, I was the first one to argue that it was just people having fun! BUT this....this going a little far. In a country where people cant afford to buy a dozen tomatoes for a decent meal, thousands of veggies will be WASTED to ape another country's culture....and the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

Really guys? Reallyyy....????? You done LOST your mind!


If this event actually does take place, it would not just be the wastage of a valuable food resource. The very fact that tomatoes, which are currently among the priciest of goods in the average sabzi mandi (vegetable market), this event is going to be a slap in the face of any underprivileged onlooker. You would be telling him/her that you have the power of not just affording but also wasting an item that costs more than half of their daily wage.

xxxx do realize you will be imitating another part of history soon....the French Revolution happen!

Medal of Honor - Mission Karachi, video game

EA's first game on terrorism in Karachi! Have a view of the busy streets of Saddar!

The detailing and graphics is VERY impressive. At least my friends who have always wanted to see Pakistan will get to visit this way. Not too keen on the terrorism aspect...BUT it is a video game and I guess that is what sells.

Thoughts from readers?