Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zia Abbas - WTF???

Really Mr. Zia Abbass????? Really???

Came across this ad today. Didn't know whether to laugh or to cry! You decide!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Main Shahid Afridi Hoon....

Looks very interesting. But Humayun Saeed....PLEASE STOP the blatant self plugging of yourself. Yes you are the producer but pasting your glamor shots on every movie poster, trailer and publicity seems to be in poor taste and desperation to stay young and relevant. Age gracefully my friend! You will make a great are no longer a hero! Its a turn off.

Lets see how the movie delivers!

Smallest Penis Contest in Brooklyn - July 20th

Size of the Ship? Motion of the Ocean?

Who knows but sounds like a fun Saturday night!

I know where I will be on July 20th!

PTI husband divorces PMLN wife!

Its getting REAL up in here!

Ms. Zehra Shahid - Shaheed

No one said it was going to be easy....

....The bloodshed has begun!

Report of one the first martyrs for Pakistan.
PTI senior Vice President Sindh Mrs. Zehra Shahid Hussain shot dead in DHA phase 4, Karachi, Pakistan.

Be safe everyone who are brave enough to fight for their country...and going to vote again!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Imran Qureshi at the MET, Roof Garden

For anyone who is in town, I highly recommend it. may run into Bono again!


This year visitors will discover something strikingly different: the 8,000-square-foot terrace is splattered with paint the color of dried blood. At first glance it looks like a crime scene or the site of a ritual slaughter.

But upon closer inspection the viewer finds the spillage has been delicately altered. With deft white and red brush strokes, the Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi has worked into the messy, raw paint a pattern suggestive of leafy shrubbery, bird feathers and angels’ wings — pictorial and ornamental motifs used in Indian and Persian miniature painting.

It’s an obvious metaphor. From death grows life; from horror comes transcendence; hope emerges from despair. But for me and, I imagine, others, that inspirational symbolism will be overlaid by the sobering, still-fresh memories of the blood-splattered street where bombs exploded at the finish line of last month’s marathon in Boston. Thoughts of war and other terrorist acts naturally come to mind, too. Mr. Qureshi’s title, “And How Many Rains Must Fall Before the Stains Are Washed Clean,” from a poem by the Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1911-1984), underlines the deeply plaintive mood animating his piece.

“The Roof Garden Commission: Imran Qureshi” runs through Nov. 3 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; (212) 535-7710,


I vote for Chacha Mushtaq Cholaywala!!!


Today, this 70-year-old resident of Qaaim Waala Colony, whose real name is Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, is contesting a provincial assembly seat (PP-254). For all these decades, he has wandered the streets of Muzaffargarh, selling his cholas. He took up the profession after failing to land a job, despite being a graduate.

Mushtaq adds. “Everyone knows the reality. Sixty years of capitalistic parliamentary history makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.”

According to Mushtaq, the political process is flawed, because there is simply no equality and no distribution of resources amongst political candidates.

“I go for political campaigns in this hot weather on my bicycle, while my rivals sit comfortably in land cruisers. I cannot even dream of owning such a vehicle in my life,” he remarks.

And yet, even considering all odds, his optimism and hope are inspiring.

“I will never lose hope,” he states calmly. “I have faith in Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Pakistan, where one can live and contest freely. The middle and lower classes have a chance; they just need unity and hope.”


You can read the entire article here.

Amma and Sandal Ka Sharbat

She is soooo cuuuuute!

Pakistan's first married lesbian couple!

Congrats to Rehana Kauser & Sobia Komal

Yes this is truly a Naya Pakistan. A more tolerant Pakistan. A more progressive Pakistan. I LOVE it. You guys make an adorable couple. So proud of you.

Altaf may be stinking up London....but these gorgeous women added some class and beauty for us!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dude I give you an A for effort....

But you can NEVER be as hot as Imran Khan!

Pakistan may face an International Travel Ban because of a Measles outbreak!

What can we do to help!

I know the WHO can help us more here! Quarantine is never the answer!


Pakistan may face an international travel ban, including a possible ban on Hajj travel by Saudi Arabia, due to its failure to control a measles outbreak.

Documents obtained by The Express Tribune showed that out of 7,000-plus laboratory confirmed measles cases in 2012, a staggering 60% of children were not given even a single dose of the measles vaccine, while 20% were inoculated with only one dose.

World Health Organisation’s (WHO) focal person on the measles outbreak in Pakistan, Dr Qamarul Hasan, had said, “Pakistan is one of the top 5 countries in the world having the highest number of unvaccinated children. Of course, no sensible mind can say this is a satisfactory achievement.”


The full article here.

Mansoor Khalid - The Candy Cab!

Padash LOVE award for today goes to Mansoor Khalid for this brilliant idea!

Oh How I love NYC and the amazing Pakistanis who live here! I HIGHLY recommend all my friends to contact The Candy Cab for your night out the next time you are in my City!


Mr. Khalid keeps the back dashboard of his yellow cab stocked with a layer of candy thick enough to induce envy in the most successful trick-or-treater.

Free candy isn’t the only perk of riding with Mr. Khalid, a 37-year-old electrical engineer from Pakistan who has been driving a yellow cab since 1996. He also recently bought a $400 subwoofer that, in his words, makes “your heart go boom,” and invites customers to plug their devices into the speakers. To complete the nightclub-in-a-cab experience, the car is also outfitted with an advanced lighting system that, when activated, flashes fluorescent reds, blues and purples.

His son, Saad, was born in 2010 with a congenital heart defect, and when Mr. Khalid visited him at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx after his night shift, he would bring coffee for the doctors and nurses there, who called him “coffee man.”

“My average was 20 bucks every night, for coffee and sweets,” he said.

Saad died last April, only 18 months old. When Mr. Khalid returned to work, he decided to turn his cab into a rolling celebration.


There is a video too!

Voting is not Enough - Help Needed with Polling - Power in Numbers!

From Mohammad Jibran Nasir - Azaad Ummedwar!

We need a bigger team to cover as many polling stations as possible. To sign up please call 03343376321

If you know any male or female friends who are interested please also let them know. They will be conducting a training exercise on Saturday. If you are in please give a final confirm answer latest by 8:00pm tomorrow so they can get your name tags made as well. Please be responsible about timely confirmation as it will make our life easier logistically.

Agents will get tags (for free) and shirts (for Rs. 300/cost price) - we have limited resources. it is not neccessary for you to wear the shirts.
Time to Step up and Step Out. Voting is not enough. Join us to facilitate other voters as well.

You tell em girl!

LOVED them!!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aamna are becoming very famous for all the WRONG reasons!

Great article by Halima Khan. And thanks for the shout out to my blog Halima! Always appreciated!

Overseas Pakistanis in London Protest the Rigged Elections!

Love you London!

Come on NYC, Come on Washington DC...Come on Norway.........

Never mess with a Karachiite Burger!

Dear Politicians.

You have been lying to the poor too long. This time you messed with the Burger/Mommy Daddys. Wrong move...wrooooong mooooove. An even dumber messed with Karachiites!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Arrest these women - we dont want a RECOUNT we demand RE-ELECTIONS!

More rigging evidence!

Auntie #1 - was at it. She almost got 50 votes in.

Auntie # 2- wasn't far behind. And look...she thinks she is slick!

And believe me....they weren't the only shady aunties. See for yourself!

Imran Qureshi and Bono

Love this picture! Congrats to the artist Imran Qureshi on amazing work! Bono is apparently a huge fan! If he only knew how every adolescent boy in the 90s was a Bono fan.

Dharna 12th May 2013 at Teen Talwar!!!

You NEVER mess with Karachiites!

Proud of you guys!

The revolution has arrived!

Arrest this Presiding Officer - we dont a RECOUNT we want RE-ELECTION!

If anyone has any information on the man above....please share. If not...make this blog viral so his cover is blown.

Thanks to one of my favorite readers for sharing this video. Please DO watch the entire thing. The PTI men in white and green are heroes for standing up to these goons. His words and rant was exactly how the entire nation feels right now!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Saima Mohsin....may do a story on the rigging that took place! LOVE you chica!

Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks so much and a BIG shout out to Saima Mohsin. If you remember, she continues to use her platform to highlight the positive side of Pakistan.

She has stepped up to the plate once again and will cover the rigging that has taken place during elections in Pakistan 2013. Anyone that has any AUTHETIC videos, photos and information of any form of rigging that was done. Please email her directly at

And also, please don't forget to sign and share this petition. We need 95 more signatures. I get over a 1000 hits a day on my blog. Come on guys!

Thanks again Saima. You rock chica!

Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Women Who Are Changing Pakistani Politics


The Pakistani government isn’t new to women running or winning elections, but not coming from wealthy and well-known families stacks the odds heavily against all three women. Nevertheless, just by venturing outside of the confines of their homes and contesting elections, these women are already making a difference.


Great article!

Meesha Shafi - Bijli Aye na Aye

Part of the soundtrack for The Reluctant Fundamentalist!

Muslim women love sex just like any women!

Not just Padash. =)


Abdelaziz Aouragh runs an online sex shop for Muslims. “We don’t sell products that simply enhance the love life between man and woman,” he explains. “All of our products provide a deeper meaning to sexuality, sensuality and even spirituality.”


And us muslim women are great in bed too ;)

Get some rest Imran Khan....we are almost there!

Khan stumbled and almost fell on the stage when he was waving to supporters.


FAISALABAD: Exhausted by continuous travelling for more than a fortnight and maintaining the hectic schedule of addressing public meetings from morning till late in the night, PTI chairman Imran Khan stumbled and almost fell on the stage when he was waving to supporters at a meeting here on Sunday.


An amazing campaign ad from PTI!

It makes your skin tingle with excitement! One thing is for sure. In my eyes, Imran Khan is already a winner. Because he managed to instill patriotism, hope and optimism in a nation that had forgotten those 3 words existed!

For that, IK....with all my skepticism about you, I still thank you.

Looking forward to you running our country. Small request. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't become another Musharraf! (I just had to add that)

South Asian gays and allies should NOT support the Human Rights Campaign !!!

This just in! How despicable!

HRC receives funding from drone manufacturers.

Mr. Chad Griffin,

Could you please take a minute from listening to Barbra Streisand and Lady Gaga to answer this? Millions of innocent lives have been lost in Pakistan due to Drone attacks? Are they not humans? Some of them may be homosexuals too you know!!! Oh but I forgot they are not white and blond so they are probably don't qualify as humans either.

Can you please define how you are operationalizing "Human"

and if not...I would love to start a petition for the Human Rights Campaign to take the word Human out of their name!

To all my gay friends who think there is a world beyond just the little glass castle that HRC caters to. Please Read this!

Is there anything this girl cant do????

An amazing vocalist, actress, model and now a furniture designer! Damn Meesha Shafi you are about to give us girls a complex. Best of luck to you Meesha Shafi and Anam Shahid.

Some of the pieces look great. I want some for my little Bronx studio!

Pre-requisite to get a political appointment with PPP?

1. Failure to speak English
2. Horses with air conditioned stables
3. At least one murder under your belt!


The police say Baloch's crimes have continued even while he has been behind bars. On Tuesday he was formally charged with ordering the murder of Arshad Pappu, a leading member of a rival gang, in March. A mob reportedly made up of well-known PAC men are said to have tortured Pappu, killed him, paraded his body around Lyari and played football with his head.

Even by Pakistani standards, where politicians are routinely accused of graft and corruption, the selection of an alleged gangster facing murder charges is a startling choice for such a safe seat.


The entire article can be found here!

Padash LOVE award - Karachi United!

An amazing idea! Our country is about to become an example for the world to follow. Never too late!

Love to Karachi United!

The World At Their Feet - Karachi United Football Foundation from Karachi United on Vimeo.

Proud of this sister!

Breaking boundaries. Making it happen! Thanks to a reader for sharing this! Pakistan is full of Padashs!


Dil Dil Paistan!

Dear Bilawal. Its almost sad that these goras can enunciate Urdu better than you!

Warms my heart.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

VIP by Ali Gul Pir

From the genius who brought us
'Wadeira Ka Beta"

lets see how this one does!

Bolo - Zoe & Zoheb

LOVE to Zoe Viccaji and Zoheb for inspiring us all. As elections come closer and closer....and youth of every strata rally for IK. I can feel the optimism and inspiration burst through.

The first rapper to complain about getting a blowjob...

I really don't know what to think of this!

But the again...what kind of hoochie would run on stage to give an unknown rapper like Danny Brown some head? I could understand if it was Jim Jones! LOL


“I’m mad that a person thought it was okay to pull another person’s pants down during their performance in front of about 700 other people,” Pryde, whose real name is Kathryn Beckwith, wrote. “I’m mad that a person thought it was a good idea to perform a sex act on another person without their consent. I’m mad that nobody made her leave. I’m mad that Danny had to actually wonder what he was supposed to do at that point.”


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Can we make jails for Pakistani Police.

...they are bigger criminals than our politicians!

snippet of the harsh reality of our law enforcers.


He took her in the ‘official Islamabad Police’ vehicle on Main Margalla Road where he kissed her and groped her for a good five minutes. He threatened her and said that he would tell her parents everything and then lock her up if she tried to escape. He asked for her cell phone number and said that he would like to meet her every week from now and then let her go.


Read the whole thing here.

The Sana Safinaz Delusion!

Here are some gems from a great article. Do give it a read.

"SanaSafinaz devotees know that Rs2,800 to Rs17,000 for the label’s products, is dangerously reasonable" - dangerous because female muggers from Nazimabad will come running for it on motorbike with Kashinkovs?


"Uzma Sultan, a childhood friend of Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer who also operates their furniture line, came out and politely said, “If you don’t have the patience to wait, you are more than welcome to leave. But right now, we can only have a few people inside.” - Uzma B that rhymes with an itch! Please don't pretend to be so fair because we know you let your country club begum pals to jump the line over others.


“I will wait. No matter how long it takes. I have to go inside,” said housewife Rukhsana Jam who waited in line anxiously with her daughters. “It’s the first day and the first show. I need to go inside and buy myself something.” She kept some space ahead of her for other relatives to join her. - Rukhsana would do that since you are a Karachi housewife and this is part of your job description.


After waiting for at least half an hour, Jam made it inside — she was seen clutching around three outfits in her arms and looked determined to get her hands on a few more. “The collection is very wearable,” she said. - That's what the crackhead said near Abdullah Shah Ghazi when he finally scored his heroin.


Saira Abdullah, who waited at the end of line, also seemed pretty determined to get inside. When asked if she’d be able to make it through this crowd, she exclaimed, “Definitely! It will take barely 15 minutes to get inside and I will get through!” - Meet Saira Abdullah, a beacon optimism! However mention Pakistan's political affairs her response is pessimism in a cucumber sandwich (with the edges cut off).


Head of Bridal Production, Social Media and Marketing at SanaSafinaz, Mariam Rasheed was also present at the launch. She revealed that they were only allowing 15 women to enter the store at a given time. “As you can see, it’s pretty manic outside,” she said, adding that the turnout was overwhelming.- No Mariam Rasheed....whats manic is the fact that your job title is Head of Bridal Productions. How many Brides do you produce in a year?

Carrie Bradshaw ruining it for single female New Yorkers....

Thanks to a reader for sending this to me. This Buzzfeed couldn't have been more accurate. I always take it with a pinch of salt when people compare me to Carrie Bradshaw. I never once aspired to be a bimbo like her. I may have enjoyed the show for mindless entertainment many years ago but after that ignorant mess called "Sex and the City 2" I vowed to know better. That rubbish film which left many small-town women wanting to don an Arab inspired Gucci kaftan and travel to Dewbai and Aboo Dhabee....only to realize "Haan Jee" is not Arabic and the nearest spice market where they could run into an old flame was in in Turkey!

So let me be the first one to state. I will never be found spending a fortune on shoes....I have rent to pay. Although I love New York City, I don't think Manhattan is a world of its own and frankly I do think a world exists outside of this city and this Island. Also, my fashion sense is dead because I don't spend wads of cash on a designer dress which looks like a circus costume for dinner with friends or an ex. I dress to get laid. Unlike women who will spend a fortune to dress like Carrie but remain frigid gold-diggers that watch reality shows in search of their lives.

Anyway I have vented enough but definitely enjoy this!

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Looks interesting. The book was great. I will never forget how Mohsin Hamid got all of Pakistan interested in contemporary fiction set in Pakistan. This book was great too.

The movie looks pretty good and I will probably take myself on a date to watch its midnight show on a quiet Friday evening with Nachos and a large soda.

My only gripe with Mira Nair is how local Pakistani actors are completely missing from the entire film. Its not like we have a dearth of good talented artists in Pakistan. Seems like the pull is for our Jack Bauer and Kate Hudson. Peppered in with the usual Om Puri. But what about actors from Pakistan? Why not give some of them a chance too?