Thursday, May 16, 2013

Voting is not Enough - Help Needed with Polling - Power in Numbers!

From Mohammad Jibran Nasir - Azaad Ummedwar!

We need a bigger team to cover as many polling stations as possible. To sign up please call 03343376321

If you know any male or female friends who are interested please also let them know. They will be conducting a training exercise on Saturday. If you are in please give a final confirm answer latest by 8:00pm tomorrow so they can get your name tags made as well. Please be responsible about timely confirmation as it will make our life easier logistically.

Agents will get tags (for free) and shirts (for Rs. 300/cost price) - we have limited resources. it is not neccessary for you to wear the shirts.
Time to Step up and Step Out. Voting is not enough. Join us to facilitate other voters as well.

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