Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Carrie Bradshaw ruining it for single female New Yorkers....

Thanks to a reader for sending this to me. This Buzzfeed couldn't have been more accurate. I always take it with a pinch of salt when people compare me to Carrie Bradshaw. I never once aspired to be a bimbo like her. I may have enjoyed the show for mindless entertainment many years ago but after that ignorant mess called "Sex and the City 2" I vowed to know better. That rubbish film which left many small-town women wanting to don an Arab inspired Gucci kaftan and travel to Dewbai and Aboo Dhabee....only to realize "Haan Jee" is not Arabic and the nearest spice market where they could run into an old flame was in in Turkey!

So let me be the first one to state. I will never be found spending a fortune on shoes....I have rent to pay. Although I love New York City, I don't think Manhattan is a world of its own and frankly I do think a world exists outside of this city and this Island. Also, my fashion sense is dead because I don't spend wads of cash on a designer dress which looks like a circus costume for dinner with friends or an ex. I dress to get laid. Unlike women who will spend a fortune to dress like Carrie but remain frigid gold-diggers that watch reality shows in search of their lives.

Anyway I have vented enough but definitely enjoy this!

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