Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Sana Safinaz Delusion!

Here are some gems from a great article. Do give it a read.

"SanaSafinaz devotees know that Rs2,800 to Rs17,000 for the label’s products, is dangerously reasonable" - dangerous because female muggers from Nazimabad will come running for it on motorbike with Kashinkovs?


"Uzma Sultan, a childhood friend of Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer who also operates their furniture line, came out and politely said, “If you don’t have the patience to wait, you are more than welcome to leave. But right now, we can only have a few people inside.” - Uzma B that rhymes with an itch! Please don't pretend to be so fair because we know you let your country club begum pals to jump the line over others.


“I will wait. No matter how long it takes. I have to go inside,” said housewife Rukhsana Jam who waited in line anxiously with her daughters. “It’s the first day and the first show. I need to go inside and buy myself something.” She kept some space ahead of her for other relatives to join her. - Rukhsana would do that since you are a Karachi housewife and this is part of your job description.


After waiting for at least half an hour, Jam made it inside — she was seen clutching around three outfits in her arms and looked determined to get her hands on a few more. “The collection is very wearable,” she said. - That's what the crackhead said near Abdullah Shah Ghazi when he finally scored his heroin.


Saira Abdullah, who waited at the end of line, also seemed pretty determined to get inside. When asked if she’d be able to make it through this crowd, she exclaimed, “Definitely! It will take barely 15 minutes to get inside and I will get through!” - Meet Saira Abdullah, a beacon optimism! However mention Pakistan's political affairs her response is pessimism in a cucumber sandwich (with the edges cut off).


Head of Bridal Production, Social Media and Marketing at SanaSafinaz, Mariam Rasheed was also present at the launch. She revealed that they were only allowing 15 women to enter the store at a given time. “As you can see, it’s pretty manic outside,” she said, adding that the turnout was overwhelming.- No Mariam Rasheed....whats manic is the fact that your job title is Head of Bridal Productions. How many Brides do you produce in a year?

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