Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old movie revival in Pakistan - Dil Mera Dharkan Teri!

I must commend the brains behind Tarang House Full for reviving old Pakistani cinema.

Armaan, Chasm e Badoor and Dil Mera Dharkan Teri!

I showed the previews to the Uncle next door and he and I have set a date to watch all the old ones first and then the news one and compare which ones are better.

I don't know Waheed Murad was kinda hot but so is Fawad "Noyer" Khan! But I cant say that in front of Uncle. heheheh!

I have a very good feeling he will be more partial to Sanam Saeed too! Who wouldn't! Even I have a crush on that girl!

This pic made me smile today!

The future of Pakistan lies with these young girls on their way to school.

Let's celebrate the beautiful strength of the women of Pakistan who are moving forward against all odds and work towards their education.

Why is the western media not covering this side of optimistic hope from Pakistan? CNN? BBC? Fox? NBC?

Another item of IK Couture!

A reader sent me his version of a LIFE magazine cover inspired Tshirt! Kinda cute!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Imran Khan (IK) Kurta

Modeled by the gorgeous Cybil!

Not gonna lie...it actually looks good and I may want to buy one just for myself too!

Kudos to MK Nation and Karma for keeping politics fashionable and classy!

Shoaib Naveed is the latest MURDERER in Pakistan!

We all have heard about the killing in broad daylight of Hamza Ahmed. A fight over a girl. People are trying hard to spin this in a way to blame the guard. WE ALL KNOW THAT GUARDS OF SPOILT PAKISTANI BRATS ARE NOT THE ONES TO BLAME! They detest their masters/bosses as they are forced to sit in the back and make their livelihood by catering to brats who go screeching around the streets of the city, drifting and putting not just others, their own but the guards lives in danger too.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE GUARD. The guards are not the murdered but innocent puppets. The murderers in this situation is Shoaib Naveed and his parents!

Everyone, please send me any information that you have on Shoaib Naveed. Photograps, where he currently studies what his father does etc.

Please your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. I may just be a blogger but I will try my best to alert the WEST of this injustice that has happened and will keep happening!

RIP Hamza Ahmed! We will be there for you!

Also watch this news clip:

Sana Safinaz and the attack of the killer Begums!

Sana Safinaz's store opening on Saturday 27th april at Dolmen Mall Clifton.

This picture is a true testament to the power of mobilization that the people of Pakistan have! If everyone makes this country a priority just like buying the new "look of the season" then they can stand up to these idiotic leaders.

We can only hope that the line to vote is just this long and more diverse!

Padash LOVE award - Iqbal Masih

Every now and then a person comes along who just makes you look bad. No matter who you are, or what you do... you could be a doctor who corrects cleft palates on Third World babies for free, it doesn't matter. Iqbal Masih was that kind of person... by the age of 10.

Indentured at the age of five to a carpet factory, Iqbal was chained to his loom and forced to work 12 hours a day. And when he tried to escape, he was beaten. And because the carpet bosses didn't feed him well enough, he never grew. And he shuffled when he walked, no doubt because he spent his childhood on his feet and chained to a freaking loom. Life was hard for Iqbal.

Yet, at the age of 10, the pint-sized Cool Hand Luke escaped and joined the Bonded Labor Liberation Front of Pakistan, a group that was dedicated to freeing child slaves.

In two years, Iqbal liberated 3,000 kids from slavery.

Iqbal didn't just join the BLLF, he pretty much became their spokesman. Which is a pretty audacious thing to do, when you think about it. While most of us would have just sauntered back home and caught up on eating and Wii, this kid actually went back into trenches, even disguising himself and sneaking into factories to interview kids about their working conditions.

In fact, Iqbal was so effective in his crusading that Pakistani carpet exports actually dropped by over $200,000,000 during the years he worked for the BLLF. Sadly, it also made him a high profile target of the alleged "carpet mafia" and the boy was murdered at the age of 13 in 1995. Which means that he helped liberate all those kids in just two short years of work.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Aamna Aqeel....tsk tsk continues!

LOL, Miss. Aamna Aqeel has reported my facebook page as spam! So if you get strange error messages when you try to click on my blog, make sure to state this my blog is not spam! She still hasn't responded to my request for an explanation!

Indian films abandoned for Pakistani films!

Although you all know that I am the BIGGEST supporter of local Pakistani films but I am not sure how I feel about this decision! This just makes us look like a bunch of sore-losers in a game that hasn't even started. Should we as Pakistani filmmakers, attempt to make just as amazing films as India so our citizens can throng to the theaters to see them too. We have what it takes! We did it with Tanhaiyan, Unkahi and recently with Hamsafar. Lets use those as starting points to do just as good.

Anyway, as excited as I am for the release of films like Josh and Waar, this decision by Abdul Rashid is one I don't agree with! Would love to hear your own thoughts!

Padash LOVE award - Mehreen Faruqi

Bilawal Bhutto's speech...

I need for you to stop talking for like.....EVER!!!!

What the hell was this crap? LOL! I couldn't stop laughing at this ABCD foolery! It was as painful as it was entertaining! How can you even think of running a country when you cant even speak the language????

Get a life!

The reader who shared this with me said it best..."I have no words"

and its clear that he has none either!

Chumpoo Bhutto!

But then again...look at the main who raised him!

Photos of the Man deported from UAE for being...ridiculously goodlooking!

Here you go ladies! I could see it. I wouldn't kick him out of my bed for eating crackers! Looks a little like Imran Abbas tho! Also...a little too much of a diva...and wayyyyyy too into himself! But hey....I cant control my gaze....he should wear a niqaab!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aamna Aqeel is RACIST and IGNORANT!

Today a reader just shared this very distasteful and vile ad by a so-called designer in Pakistan. Aamna Aqeel. Never heard of her? Neither have I? However...this chick needs a serious dose of reality, an education and a lesson on how to market test her ads!

Please call this number and share your anger at this racism! Please ask what her motive was to depict a minor African American servant with the words Slave in her ad. This ad needs to be pulled OUT immediately!

Aamna Aqeel

While we are on the subject: Shame on you Depilex, Shahbaz Shazi and Labels for condoning such racism.

Bashir - Padash's LOVE award

Monday, April 22, 2013

Big nose....small penis?

LOL, the most random dream I ever had was when I dreamt that I was having sex with Nawaz Sharif and he was actually great in bed. Although I doubt that is true in reality. I still need years of therapy for that PTSD nightmare!

Castrate these bastards!

A fashionable mothers day...

But between you and I. Maheen seems to be trying to mimic Anna Wintour/Miranda Priestly too much

An Nadia Hussein. You were gorgeous? Why are you turning yourself into Joan Rivers blob of silicone mess?

The entire video!

Shahbaz Sharif Shamed!

Is your assistant sending out apologies on facebook again? Save the bullshit!

Note to self: Hide my vibrator if I am ever interviewed on National TV

This poor chap didn't get the memo though! LOL

Vote for the Hijras!

I really want the overseas Pakistanis to be able to vote cuz this is definitely who I want to cast my vote for!!! =)

and another awesome article!


She changed her name, grew out her hair, dressed permanently as a woman and spent the next decade dancing and working as a prostitute. She became popular and earned good money, but her ambitions spread wider.

She invested in a textiles business and started supplying bed sheets and ladies clothes door to door, allowing her to make new contacts in the city.

Then she branched out into welfare, providing care to elderly eunuchs and registered her own charity in 2009.

Today, her two-room apartment serves as a home, an institute offering transgender people computer training and therefore the prospect of more respectable work, the headquarters of her charity and as a campaign hub.


I would much rather the whole world did this instead of crazy shootings.....

Couple jumps out of car to have sex by the side of the road when they see Google Street View car approaching.

Backlogs in obtaining a green passport!

I can vouch for this! The idiots that work at both the Nadira office and the consulate in NYC are the most inept people in the world. Even the dolled up goodfornothing doolhan who sat working the money order booth couldn't stop gossiping about her "saans" as people lined up.

My Punjabi Love for you....Bumbu Sauce!

I am actually a fan of Adnan Maliks work. The boy has talent because I was a fan of his long before I knew he was Saqib Maliks brother. So while someone could say "nepotism"....I for one had no idea the two were related and am a bigger fan of Adnans. Saqib hasn't impressed me much since "Behti Naar" which was pretty good!

You be the judge. Pretty cool music video!

MY PUNJABI LOVE FOR YOU//BUMBU SAUCE from Adnan Malik Productions on Vimeo.

Imran Khan's Home Attacked in Pakistan!

Its about to get dirtier and dirtier....


The resultant attack on his house by a horde of 100 miscreants on Wednesday evening put his and his family's lives at risk while the police and local administration did not respond despite repeated calls," she said in a statement.

"Imran's brother-in-law was beaten and his female family members abused as his gate was broken and the hordes reached his house because no police protection was provided despite repeated demands," she added.

Islamabad police chief Bani Amin denied any break-in.


More here.

Hate....that scares the beejeezus out of you!!!

Makes me glad I live in a diverse city like New York!

More disgusting and ignorant vitriol can be found here.

New Currency Design for Pakistan?

Yay or Nay?

I vote Nay? It looks like a child went crazy with a crayon. The article states:

"Shan ul Haq’s designs are a blend of traditional and modern, with a striking minimalistic look much unlike Pakistan’s usual intricately patterned approach....For some reason, we don’t use our official name, ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’, on the banknotes. These ones make it a point to highlight our complete official name, as it is our country’s identity"

Umm nooo thanks. Not impressed Shan ul Haq?

Parvez Murderer

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has admitted for the first time that his government had made a secret deal with the United States for allowing drone strikes in Pakistan!

Where are these idiots now?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Raymond Davis is a dangeorus threat to innocent Americans as well!!!

I hope that caught Hillary's attention!

A life is a life is a life. A human is a human!

Raymond Davis killed two Pakistani men out of rage! He is allowed to walk around freely.....we let him know he is an invincible monster. What does he do? Start beating up other innocent Americans. All he still gets is probation? HELL NO!

I for one am not even making this about a Pakistani, American, whatever issue. This is a human rights issue. A raged lunatic is walking around hurting people and human beings. He NEEDS to pay for his actions.

Mark Mazetti covers the monster's history precisely in this article.

Lets just hope. This is the last we hear of Raymond Davis in the news. It would break my heart, if there is another article in the future where he has hurt other innocent people. I don't want to be the one to say "I told you so". TAKE ACTION AGAINST THIS BEAST NOW!!!

Here is a snippet of this trailer trash bigot! But I Highly recommend you read the whole thing.

Oh and Miss. Hillary Clinton. Your little blackberry memes on tumblr are cute and all. But your response to this ongoing massacre, is highly HIGHLY disturbing! I thought you cared about human rights???? Do something...if not for the lives lost in Pakistan but for the innocent mall-going Americans that may get beaten up by Raymond Davis over parking spots and lines at fast-food driver-throughs.


But now Davis was sitting in a Lahore police station, having shot two young men who approached his car on a black motorcycle, their guns drawn, at an intersection congested with cars, bicycles and rickshaws. Davis took his semiautomatic Glock pistol and shot through the windshield, shattering the glass and hitting one of the men numerous times. As the other man fled, Davis got out of his car and shot several rounds into his back.

He radioed the American Consulate for help, and within minutes a Toyota Land Cruiser was in sight, careering in the wrong direction down a one-way street. But the S.U.V. struck and killed a young Pakistani motorcyclist and then drove away. An assortment of bizarre paraphernalia was found, including a black mask, approximately 100 bullets and a piece of cloth bearing an American flag. The camera inside Davis’s car contained photos of Pakistani military installations, taken surreptitiously....

...And then the episode claimed another victim. On Feb. 6, the grieving widow of one of Davis’s victims swallowed a lethal amount of rat poison and was rushed to the hospital in Faisalabad, where doctors pumped her stomach. The woman, Shumaila Faheem, was certain that the United States and Pakistan would quietly broker a deal to release her husband’s killer from prison, a view she expressed to her doctors from her hospital bed. “They are already treating my husband’s murderer like a V.I.P. in police custody, and I am sure they will let him go because of international pressure,” she said. She died shortly afterward and instantly became a martyr for anti-American groups inside Pakistan...

...As for Raymond Davis, he tried to settle back into his life in the United States after being flown out of Pakistan. He found work as a firearms instructor, but in the end he couldn’t stay out of trouble. On Oct. 1, 2011, just seven months after his abrupt departure from Pakistan, Davis was eyeing a parking spot in front of a bagel shop in Highlands Ranch, Colo., a suburb of Denver. So was Jeffrey Maes, a 50-year-old minister who was driving with his wife and two young daughters. When Maes beat Davis to the spot, Davis shouted profanities through his open window. Then he jumped out of his car and confronted Maes, telling the minister that he had been waiting for the parking spot.

According to an affidavit given by Maes, he told Davis to “relax and quit being stupid.”

Davis struck Maes in the face, knocking him to the pavement. Maes said in court that when he stood up from the fall, Davis continued to hit him. The minister’s wife, later recalling the episode, said she had never in her life seen a man so full of rage. Just last month, after protracted legal proceedings, Davis pleaded guilty to a charge of third-degree misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to two years of probation. A judge ordered him to pay restitution and attend anger-management classes.


Beauty is Confidence!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zardari Low Life

JEET awards. Please vote for your favorite entertainment artists

I love how you can vote for the viral youtube videos too. Waderay Ka beta got my vote!

So if you are looking to procrastinate for a few minutes at work, Padash is always here to help!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Word of wisdom....

Dolmen Mall on CNN!

Great (and brave) journalism for a side of Pakistan that breaks away from the usual poverty/terrorism BS that makes the news!!!

Kudos to Saima Mohsin! (Last time I was in Isloo, all the men were talking about how "HOT" a certain Saima Mohsin was). As a female I was naturally jealous and wanted to see what she looked like. Very cute indeed and since she has brains to match the looks, I am no longer jealous. More power to you chica!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Nadia Jamil - Padash's LOVE award!

Nadia Jamil - an Actor, activist, and educationist, has been literally living with the children of Joseph Colony since the mob attack last month. Everyday she goes to the Government School where all the children are housed and spends the entire day playing with them, offering candies, performing tricks and teaching them.

Funny at first....

...and then just downright depressing after! Truth hurts!

Men take notes....

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bolo Pakistan...

An excellent project by Pakistani youth from all over the world. Please participate and share. Show the enemy and the world our strength in numbers. True Pakistani spirit. A message of peace!

So start your bolo here!

I did! =)

So where were you when you first heard this song and saw this movie?

LOT of Monkeys....everybody everywhere

Ah Lalit Bhanot....I don't know if I wanna laugh or cry at your recent stupidity.

why don't you guys decide for yourself.

This man needs to be out behind bars...

Simple as that!

I hate that people are justifying his actions as PTSD. That's some bullcrap! Yes PTSD can be part of the reason but most criminals and psychos will hide behind some trauma that occurred in their life. That does not justify this behavior. This man has problem and before he hurts someone he needs to pay for his actions. The woman who is filming is also a marine and if she can stay calm, so can this asshole. He needs to be out behind bars. simple as THAT!

Men if you are going to pay for sex...use real currency!

In the eastern Indian city of Calcutta, a non-governmental organization has started a program to help sex workers recognize fake currency given to them by clients. I like! =)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fingers crossed for us overseas Pakistani's to vote!

Although I wouldn't trust Nadra for anything!


The $1.5 million software will help overseas Pakistanis in 15 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France and Australia, to vote at 150 polling stations. However, approval of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be required to prepare required legislation.

Mr Malik said overseas Pakistanis would get the facility of e-voting through embassies. Polling stations will be set up in designated missions. A biometric system will also be installed in the poling stations to avoid casting of bogus votes.

On the polling day voters will have to come to the polling station. They will be required to produce machine readable passports and National Identity Cards. The process of voting will be simple and the vote will be cast in the ECP database without recording identity of the voter.


More here.

Gandhi's sex life

Interesting article about Gandhi and his views about sex.


Meanwhile, Gandhi was challenging that abstinence in his own way. He set up ashrams in which he began his first "experiments" with sex; boys and girls were to bathe and sleep together, chastely, but were punished for any sexual talk. Men and women were segregated, and Gandhi's advice was that husbands should not be alone with their wives, and, when they felt passion, should take a cold bath.

The rules did not, however, apply to him. Sushila Nayar, the attractive sister of Gandhi's secretary, also his personal physician, attended Gandhi from girlhood. She used to sleep and bathe with Gandhi. When challenged, he explained how he ensured decency was not offended. "While she is bathing I keep my eyes tightly shut," he said, "I do not know ... whether she bathes naked or with her underwear on. I can tell from the sound that she uses soap." The provision of such personal services to Gandhi was a much sought-after sign of his favour and aroused jealousy among the ashram inmates.


Beauty and looks

Monday, April 1, 2013

Vote for a brighter Pakistan in 2030

Although I hope, in 2030, our youth don't still look as apathetic as these two kids.

Still a cute attempt. Go and VOTE people!!!