Monday, April 29, 2013

Shoaib Naveed is the latest MURDERER in Pakistan!

We all have heard about the killing in broad daylight of Hamza Ahmed. A fight over a girl. People are trying hard to spin this in a way to blame the guard. WE ALL KNOW THAT GUARDS OF SPOILT PAKISTANI BRATS ARE NOT THE ONES TO BLAME! They detest their masters/bosses as they are forced to sit in the back and make their livelihood by catering to brats who go screeching around the streets of the city, drifting and putting not just others, their own but the guards lives in danger too.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE GUARD. The guards are not the murdered but innocent puppets. The murderers in this situation is Shoaib Naveed and his parents!

Everyone, please send me any information that you have on Shoaib Naveed. Photograps, where he currently studies what his father does etc.

Please your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. I may just be a blogger but I will try my best to alert the WEST of this injustice that has happened and will keep happening!

RIP Hamza Ahmed! We will be there for you!

Also watch this news clip:

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