Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jalaibe - a new independant Pakistani film

Don't much else about the film! Its directed by some guy called Yasir Jaswal. Seems pretty well done but scared that it may be following in the visual footsteps of the Zinda Bhaag bandwagon! Seems a lot like its trying to emulate Adnan Malik's music video "My Punjabi Love for you"

But let me not judge too quick. Maybe it will be great!

The press release below, shares a little bit about what the movie may be but is so vague that it makes you wonder what the film is about!

Well....on another note...Zhalay Sarhadi looks gorgeous though!

The teaser is below!

Jalaibee Official Teaser from Jaswal Films on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Game Changers of the Pakistan Entertainment Industry 2013

I am glad to see Hamza Ali Abassi! Although I am rarely attracted to desi men but I saw his face plastered all over the billboards in Pakistan and I can safely say that I have never seen a better looking man in Pakistan before this guy! Swoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!

Other game changers include Waar, Aamina Sheikh and Mathira! Check out the article!

Friday, December 27, 2013


Sindh High Court order dt 4th Sept declared this wall illegal, we have pushed all avenues to implement this order and still this wall remains a menace to the people of the area, businesses and residents have faced tremendous hardship for over 6 years.

Come Join this movement for Karachi on Sunday 29th Dec at 1pm onwards - this is an illegal wall, it must be demolished


So I am getting reports that Zardari's goons showed up in black cars and beat up the protestors and then the sold-out police also did the same to poor PTI supporters. The media adds insult to injury by running headlines mocking the PTI supporters. I guess everyone has sold their soul in Pakistan. I quote my darling Saba Khan "Yeh police walay kisee kay naheen hotay....yeh kanjar log"

However, this recent report offers a little sliver of hope that the road in front of the gaudy Bilawal House has been partially opened!

The news story!

As a Result of PTI Protest More than Half of the road Surrounding Bilawal house reopened for Public after Many Years - Well done PTI Karachi Workers and Leadership

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A bride for Taher Shah

Or as a reader said "Taher Shah has competition" LOL

Veena Malik is married!

The groom is Asad Bashir Khan Khattak and the wedding was in Dubai!


Asad added that functions would be held in Dubai, Pakistan, and the U.S., where Veena said that her husband promised her a “white wedding.”

Asad, famous in Pakistani film as well as a singer, is old friends with Veena. Her father, Mohammad Ali, and Asad’s father, Senior Bashir, have been good friends since their army days and one day decided to change their friendship into a family relationship. Thus, the marriage.

“I’m more than happy today, I think I’m the happiest girl in the world,” Veena said outside of the court.


Here is hoping they have a wonderful life! And I genuinely hope so! Congrats Veena!

Frieha Altaf...Mooooo-ing on UP!

LOL...thanks to a reader for sending this to me! Oh Frieha was a Christmas party NOT Halloween! Save your udders!


Now our girl was spotted out on the town again! PETA ignored her because they really did think she was a sheep. a black sheep! For a fashionista surrounded by gay men. She really does need a reality check!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Questions for Ali Azmat from Monkeys!

So....after the whole Pakistan Idol debacle that took place where Ali Azmat did what he knows best...douchebagginess! Instead of apologizing, Ali Azmat went on a crazy, napoleon-complex infused twitter rant. His latest rant was below.

So with due respect, I took to social media and asked my readers to offer their critique and questions for Ali Azmat.

What resulted was an immediate barrage of emailed, inboxed and publicly commented questions and critique for our little has-been, ruckstar!

It was hard to choose the best ones but my below are some of my favorites:

Dear Ali, Are you upset that your mother didn’t read the label “article may shrink in size” before she put you in the washing machine?

Dear Ali, someone told me you had bad breath. I was APPALLED . That meant someone actually kissed you.

Dear Ali, If Vinnie kissed you, how come you are still a frog? Taddoooooo!

Dear Ali, don’t you think instead of “Jupiters” the name of your first band should have been “Uranus”.

Dear Ali, Why did Brian and Salman Ahmed have to move to the States? Why couldn’t it have been you?

Dear Ali, Is it true that when Vinnie was asked what her two biggest career mistakes were she said “Ali Azmat” and “Ali Azmat again.”

Dear Ali, when is your next album coming out? Wait…no one cares!!!

Dear Ali, When was the last time you thought you were talented? Take as long as you want to answer that question. I know it’s a hard one!

Dear Ali, why do you have more double chins than a Chinese phone book?

Dear Ali, when your 3 month contract with Pakistan Idol ends what would be your next move? Spokesperson for weight loss pills or hair growth treatment?

Dear Ali, where would you hide an elephant if you got it as a gift?

Dear Ali, do you miss your hair? Because I am sure your hair misses you.

Dear Ali, Is it the long term effects of the desi tharra or just bad genes?

Dear Ali. There were 2 million sperms and look who won out. How? Why?

Dear Ali. Have you heard about the 12th commandment? The two that Moses lost. It goes like this. "Though shall have two heads, thy should have only enough blood to run one at a time". Can you explain why you don't have enough to run either?

Dear Ali, us monkeys gave you more “publicity” then you have ever had in the last 10 years. You can thank us later for making you relevant! Douche bag!

Dear Ali, shouldn’t you be drinking DIET pepsi on Pakistan Idol?

Dear Ali, if its called Pakistan idol why are you trying so hard to have an American accent? Its not working bud!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

AbTakk's news reporter is a homophobic, ignorant buffoon!

This news reporter for Pakistani national TV (don't even know her name) trespassed with police and camera crews into a transgendered persons house and made terrible accusations about her and what could or could-not be the trans person's boyfriend. For a minute its hard to distinguish who the hijra is? She looks more like a hijra than the other one.

How is this allowed? How is this being condoned? In a world where A&E can rightfully pull Phil Robertson out of the dumb Duck Dynasty show, why are news channels such as Ab Takk allowing this infringement of privacy? This injustice?

Can every idiot in Pakistan with no ethics, get a camera crew, become a journalist and invade innocent people's privacy? This is unacceptable.

The boyfriend discloses that he suffers from mental health issues and her reply to the audience is "What man would confess he has mental issues?" lets not even get started on the fact that mental health is a real problem and while the world is trying hard not to stigmatize it and for people to acknowledge and seek treatment for it, she further pushes people into the dark ages.

This is heart breaking and although the LGBTQ community in Pakistan can not unfortunately be open, we as heterosexual allies to our gay and lesbian friends need to be brave take a stand once and for all.

We may not have camera crews but there is still a LOT that we can do! Dear Readers...

1. Please share this blog or this article with as many people as you can denouncing this bitch's actions.

2. Please share with me her name and any incriminating information you may have on this woman. We have to give people a taste of their own medicine. Unless they know what its like to have your skeletons dragged out, they will continue doing things like these. We may not have camera crews but we have the power of social media. If they can be journalists so can we.

3. Please share with me the names of the heads and write to the heads of the news channel to cancel her show and show us how this couple are now safe and sound.

Male & She Male living as Husband Wife in Pakistan by zemvideos


The Director of News at Ab Takk is Nasir Baig Chugtai and the Managing Director is Syed Fahad Shah.
Please email them and share your disdain for this injustice:

Ali Azmat...the has-been twats on twitter!

The plot thickens and worsens into a rotten mess!

Please exhibit below, Ali Azmat's latest responses on twitter to his douchebaggery! I know Pakistan is a country of no accountability but who does this Has-Been seriously think he is?

Here is another interesting tid-bit about Ali Azmat that a reader shared with me:

'I remember many years ago, Karachi decided to have a "Battle of the Bands" with local aspiring musicians. I was home from college so I decided to go.

Since youth in Pakistan had always admired Junoon (Thanks to Salman Ahmed and Brian O thanks to Guree-shao Azmat) they had requested Ali Azmat to serve as a judge. 3 days before the event, he cancelled on all the youth and was quoted spewing vitriol at a party to the likes of "Yeh kal kay bachay music bananay chalay hain...koi talent naheen."

Youth scrounged around in panic since his name had already been printed on the tickets. Finally, one of the kids suggested Junaid Jamshed only because he had a family connection with the former Vital Signs front-man. Many worried that it was an "out of the frying pan into the fire situation" since Junaid Jamshed had become a bearded, born-again muslim. However since he was someone who pioneered rock music and music videos in Pakistan (Dil, Dil Pakistan) they decided to approach him. Not only did Junaid Jamshed agree to serve as a judge to encourage these youth but he was very supportive of everyone as he stood there with his long beard and a big smile, encouraging all the aspiring musicians on stage. At one point he even pointed out one of the singers and stated "Waisay kehna tu naheen chaiiye...laikin is larkay kee shakal Tom Cruise say naheen miltee?" All the girls swooned and cheered with applause while the good-looking kid blushed.

That good-looking kid is now known to the world as Fawad Khan. And many of the other bands from that event went on to become big names and change Pakistani music industry. The likes of Jal, EP etc) And yes these same "kal kay larkay" replaced the fat, drunk Ali Azmat!

So at the end of the day, we all have more respect for born-again muslims like Junaid Jamshed than paranoid and insecure rockstar, wannabes like Ali Azmat!

Yet he never learns. A has-been who has long been replaced with fresher talent continues to act like an idiot!


There is a petition going on. Please sign and share! I say we should rally to replace Ali Azmat with Taher Shah. Then I would support Pakistani Idol!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ali Azmat...a hardboiled egg of a douchebag!

Ali Azmat! you are NOT Simon! Have you forgotten when you first started singing. Your band was called "Jupiters" Really??? It should have been called "Uranus". You were a Garishao local with stonewashed jeans. Now you have bloated into the size of a walrus with your heavy drinking and just because Vinnie went through a blind phase you think you are all that?

Stop ridiculing people! This could have been funny and entertaining but it was almost painful to watch! Because you are just an asshole! You have already been with it. Or better yet call your old friend Salman Ahmed and get a few tips on how to stay classy and age gracefully!


Rob Crilly, a contributor for The Telegraph wrote an article about the debacle and unfortunately it seems like Pakistan idol is nothing but a bunch of idiots.


The producers are unrepentant.

A show insider said: “It’s a bit of a culture shock. This is not a place where people say what they think - well not in public, at least – but it’s all part of the show.”

Imran Aslam, the president of Geo TV, the channel that bought the rights to the Pop Idol franchise, promised not to tone down the criticism.

“There’s certainly been some criticism of the judges but it should be taken in the spirit of the show,” he said. “If someone can’t sing, well then they can’t sing.”


Who wants to buy Veena Malik's Lighting Bra

Not sure if I would like to go out clubbing in this number...but I guess times are probably tough for Veena Jee. Someone has taken to Ebay!

Oh and you can also buy an Abaya if you want!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NYC Taxi Driver Beefcake Calender 2014

Why do I feel like my uncle may pop up in this calendar??? LOL would make a for a great holiday gift tho!

Monday, December 9, 2013

St. Joseph's Christian Hospice needs our help - PLEASE HELP!!!

Christian or Muslim or Hindu....This hospice is doing humanitarian work, Allah's work, Haqooq-ul-Ibad!

They have helped people for 50 years. Lets help them continue for 50 or a 100 more!!


A hospice that caters mainly to Muslim patients is now being forced to close because of falling donations and rising costs.

Sister Margaret Walsh and a team of Pakistani and international volunteers have been trying to keep St. Joseph's running.

But after 50 years, donations are drying up, and electricity and medical costs are rising.

"[The Hospice] gives a unique service...There is no place...that helps the disabled, the chronically ill, [who] are rejected from other hospitals, [who] can't afford to go to hospitals, [who] can't afford expensive treatments."


Please donate at their website here.

And if nothing else, help spread the word!