Friday, December 20, 2013

Ali Azmat...a hardboiled egg of a douchebag!

Ali Azmat! you are NOT Simon! Have you forgotten when you first started singing. Your band was called "Jupiters" Really??? It should have been called "Uranus". You were a Garishao local with stonewashed jeans. Now you have bloated into the size of a walrus with your heavy drinking and just because Vinnie went through a blind phase you think you are all that?

Stop ridiculing people! This could have been funny and entertaining but it was almost painful to watch! Because you are just an asshole! You have already been with it. Or better yet call your old friend Salman Ahmed and get a few tips on how to stay classy and age gracefully!


Rob Crilly, a contributor for The Telegraph wrote an article about the debacle and unfortunately it seems like Pakistan idol is nothing but a bunch of idiots.


The producers are unrepentant.

A show insider said: “It’s a bit of a culture shock. This is not a place where people say what they think - well not in public, at least – but it’s all part of the show.”

Imran Aslam, the president of Geo TV, the channel that bought the rights to the Pop Idol franchise, promised not to tone down the criticism.

“There’s certainly been some criticism of the judges but it should be taken in the spirit of the show,” he said. “If someone can’t sing, well then they can’t sing.”



  1. ALL of them here are Douchies! They are pretentious and WORSE than a Pakistani Drama Vamps. ALL THREE. It hurts to see Idol so Pakistani!
    p.s: You should have a Million followers woman! Hats off for the boldness

  2. Thanks Maliha! I agree with you that all of them were pretty douchie! But Ali Azmat's twitter rants prove that his arrogance has reached an all time low. And why? He is a has been!

  3. Oh......I dnt understand why everyone blaming 2 Ali Azmat. Its just A Entertainment Show for Entertainment purpose Everything is fix & Under the Scripts. Channels Can do anything for their Publicity & TRP. So Ali Azmat could not do with script. He dint write the Script he only following. They all r Actors on TV dnt compare them with their Real Life. Its all for Entertainment purpose They showed in their Disclaimer Note Before The Show All Rules, Regulations & Conditions but people never read it. Nothing is real in the Shows & Movies its only for our Entertainment Dnt take it Seriously......Ali Azmat R The True Rock Stars Pride Of Pakistan & Pakistanis, Legends

  4. LOl Kid....go and watch Indian Idol, Big Boss after u never said it again Lol
    Respect Our Rock Star

  5. Its nothing in the comparison to Indian Reality Shows Go Lol And watch all of them u will get ur all Answers

  6. Ok Pawan whatever! First of all this isnt about a Indian versus Pakistani reality show debate. Secondly, thats fucking bullshit! If this buffoonery was scripted, it was the worst display of pre-meditated scripted entertainment. This was definitely NOT scripted and Ali Azmat was trying too hard to be funny but fell flat on his face and continues to di a deeper grave. And please dont refer to him as a rockstar. He may have been one 20 years ago but today he is a fat has-been who needs to get a LIFE!