Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ali Azmat...the has-been twats on twitter!

The plot thickens and worsens into a rotten mess!

Please exhibit below, Ali Azmat's latest responses on twitter to his douchebaggery! I know Pakistan is a country of no accountability but who does this Has-Been seriously think he is?

Here is another interesting tid-bit about Ali Azmat that a reader shared with me:

'I remember many years ago, Karachi decided to have a "Battle of the Bands" with local aspiring musicians. I was home from college so I decided to go.

Since youth in Pakistan had always admired Junoon (Thanks to Salman Ahmed and Brian O thanks to Guree-shao Azmat) they had requested Ali Azmat to serve as a judge. 3 days before the event, he cancelled on all the youth and was quoted spewing vitriol at a party to the likes of "Yeh kal kay bachay music bananay chalay hain...koi talent naheen."

Youth scrounged around in panic since his name had already been printed on the tickets. Finally, one of the kids suggested Junaid Jamshed only because he had a family connection with the former Vital Signs front-man. Many worried that it was an "out of the frying pan into the fire situation" since Junaid Jamshed had become a bearded, born-again muslim. However since he was someone who pioneered rock music and music videos in Pakistan (Dil, Dil Pakistan) they decided to approach him. Not only did Junaid Jamshed agree to serve as a judge to encourage these youth but he was very supportive of everyone as he stood there with his long beard and a big smile, encouraging all the aspiring musicians on stage. At one point he even pointed out one of the singers and stated "Waisay kehna tu naheen chaiiye...laikin is larkay kee shakal Tom Cruise say naheen miltee?" All the girls swooned and cheered with applause while the good-looking kid blushed.

That good-looking kid is now known to the world as Fawad Khan. And many of the other bands from that event went on to become big names and change Pakistani music industry. The likes of Jal, EP etc) And yes these same "kal kay larkay" replaced the fat, drunk Ali Azmat!

So at the end of the day, we all have more respect for born-again muslims like Junaid Jamshed than paranoid and insecure rockstar, wannabes like Ali Azmat!

Yet he never learns. A has-been who has long been replaced with fresher talent continues to act like an idiot!


There is a petition going on. Please sign and share! I say we should rally to replace Ali Azmat with Taher Shah. Then I would support Pakistani Idol!


  1. Ahahahahah His tweets sound like a whiny high school brat...apney pair par khud Axing away. Bewakooooof!