Monday, December 9, 2013

St. Joseph's Christian Hospice needs our help - PLEASE HELP!!!

Christian or Muslim or Hindu....This hospice is doing humanitarian work, Allah's work, Haqooq-ul-Ibad!

They have helped people for 50 years. Lets help them continue for 50 or a 100 more!!


A hospice that caters mainly to Muslim patients is now being forced to close because of falling donations and rising costs.

Sister Margaret Walsh and a team of Pakistani and international volunteers have been trying to keep St. Joseph's running.

But after 50 years, donations are drying up, and electricity and medical costs are rising.

"[The Hospice] gives a unique service...There is no place...that helps the disabled, the chronically ill, [who] are rejected from other hospitals, [who] can't afford to go to hospitals, [who] can't afford expensive treatments."


Please donate at their website here.

And if nothing else, help spread the word!

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