Friday, December 27, 2013


Sindh High Court order dt 4th Sept declared this wall illegal, we have pushed all avenues to implement this order and still this wall remains a menace to the people of the area, businesses and residents have faced tremendous hardship for over 6 years.

Come Join this movement for Karachi on Sunday 29th Dec at 1pm onwards - this is an illegal wall, it must be demolished


So I am getting reports that Zardari's goons showed up in black cars and beat up the protestors and then the sold-out police also did the same to poor PTI supporters. The media adds insult to injury by running headlines mocking the PTI supporters. I guess everyone has sold their soul in Pakistan. I quote my darling Saba Khan "Yeh police walay kisee kay naheen hotay....yeh kanjar log"

However, this recent report offers a little sliver of hope that the road in front of the gaudy Bilawal House has been partially opened!

The news story!

As a Result of PTI Protest More than Half of the road Surrounding Bilawal house reopened for Public after Many Years - Well done PTI Karachi Workers and Leadership

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