Monday, April 22, 2013

Vote for the Hijras!

I really want the overseas Pakistanis to be able to vote cuz this is definitely who I want to cast my vote for!!! =)

and another awesome article!


She changed her name, grew out her hair, dressed permanently as a woman and spent the next decade dancing and working as a prostitute. She became popular and earned good money, but her ambitions spread wider.

She invested in a textiles business and started supplying bed sheets and ladies clothes door to door, allowing her to make new contacts in the city.

Then she branched out into welfare, providing care to elderly eunuchs and registered her own charity in 2009.

Today, her two-room apartment serves as a home, an institute offering transgender people computer training and therefore the prospect of more respectable work, the headquarters of her charity and as a campaign hub.


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