Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Raymond Davis is a dangeorus threat to innocent Americans as well!!!

I hope that caught Hillary's attention!

A life is a life is a life. A human is a human!

Raymond Davis killed two Pakistani men out of rage! He is allowed to walk around freely.....we let him know he is an invincible monster. What does he do? Start beating up other innocent Americans. All he still gets is probation? HELL NO!

I for one am not even making this about a Pakistani, American, whatever issue. This is a human rights issue. A raged lunatic is walking around hurting people and human beings. He NEEDS to pay for his actions.

Mark Mazetti covers the monster's history precisely in this article.

Lets just hope. This is the last we hear of Raymond Davis in the news. It would break my heart, if there is another article in the future where he has hurt other innocent people. I don't want to be the one to say "I told you so". TAKE ACTION AGAINST THIS BEAST NOW!!!

Here is a snippet of this trailer trash bigot! But I Highly recommend you read the whole thing.

Oh and Miss. Hillary Clinton. Your little blackberry memes on tumblr are cute and all. But your response to this ongoing massacre, is highly HIGHLY disturbing! I thought you cared about human rights???? Do something...if not for the lives lost in Pakistan but for the innocent mall-going Americans that may get beaten up by Raymond Davis over parking spots and lines at fast-food driver-throughs.


But now Davis was sitting in a Lahore police station, having shot two young men who approached his car on a black motorcycle, their guns drawn, at an intersection congested with cars, bicycles and rickshaws. Davis took his semiautomatic Glock pistol and shot through the windshield, shattering the glass and hitting one of the men numerous times. As the other man fled, Davis got out of his car and shot several rounds into his back.

He radioed the American Consulate for help, and within minutes a Toyota Land Cruiser was in sight, careering in the wrong direction down a one-way street. But the S.U.V. struck and killed a young Pakistani motorcyclist and then drove away. An assortment of bizarre paraphernalia was found, including a black mask, approximately 100 bullets and a piece of cloth bearing an American flag. The camera inside Davis’s car contained photos of Pakistani military installations, taken surreptitiously....

...And then the episode claimed another victim. On Feb. 6, the grieving widow of one of Davis’s victims swallowed a lethal amount of rat poison and was rushed to the hospital in Faisalabad, where doctors pumped her stomach. The woman, Shumaila Faheem, was certain that the United States and Pakistan would quietly broker a deal to release her husband’s killer from prison, a view she expressed to her doctors from her hospital bed. “They are already treating my husband’s murderer like a V.I.P. in police custody, and I am sure they will let him go because of international pressure,” she said. She died shortly afterward and instantly became a martyr for anti-American groups inside Pakistan...

...As for Raymond Davis, he tried to settle back into his life in the United States after being flown out of Pakistan. He found work as a firearms instructor, but in the end he couldn’t stay out of trouble. On Oct. 1, 2011, just seven months after his abrupt departure from Pakistan, Davis was eyeing a parking spot in front of a bagel shop in Highlands Ranch, Colo., a suburb of Denver. So was Jeffrey Maes, a 50-year-old minister who was driving with his wife and two young daughters. When Maes beat Davis to the spot, Davis shouted profanities through his open window. Then he jumped out of his car and confronted Maes, telling the minister that he had been waiting for the parking spot.

According to an affidavit given by Maes, he told Davis to “relax and quit being stupid.”

Davis struck Maes in the face, knocking him to the pavement. Maes said in court that when he stood up from the fall, Davis continued to hit him. The minister’s wife, later recalling the episode, said she had never in her life seen a man so full of rage. Just last month, after protracted legal proceedings, Davis pleaded guilty to a charge of third-degree misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to two years of probation. A judge ordered him to pay restitution and attend anger-management classes.


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