Sunday, September 15, 2013

Which corrupt general is getting coins in his pockets for this????

Sorry for ruining your days with terrible news each minute! But the last time I flew to Karachi just to protest Shahruke Jatoi's murder. I tried Kolachi because it was highly recommended. I loved it from the food and the service. My fellow activist friends sat and talked about politics. One certain pessimist friend remarked

"Yes Kolachi is great..but enjoy it while you can....nothing that's good here in Pakistan ever survives!"

We chastised him because we thought he was bringing us down. We were energized. We spent our own money to fly down to protest a murder and the turnout was great. We wanted to be hopeful!

A week ago I heard the news that Shahrukh asshole Jatoi was free to roam the streets...and our efforts were in vain!

Now this!


The restaurants stretched across almost 2.5 kilometres in Phase VIII of the Defence Housing Authority face the threat of being uprooted due to a notice issued by DHA authorities, asking them to shut down and vacate the premises.


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