Monday, October 28, 2013

Frieha Altaf – Self-Absorbed and DELUSIONAL!

So as I am reading and enjoying a very inspiring and possibly good-idea-of-an article in the Express Tribune by Saadia Qamar, Irfan Ghauri and Kazim Alam about some local Pakistani celebrities, I couldn’t help but feel a warm, tingly feeling of encouragement and hope. The likes of legends such as Anwar Maqsood, Samina Pirzada, Asad Omar and Vinnie. Till I landed on Frieha Altaf and her distasteful, self-serving slice which first makes you wonder who the hell invited her to this party and then after hearing what she has to say makes you wince and almost feel sorry for her!

Most people in the article are actual inspiring figures but one wonders what role Ms. Altaf really serves these days besides forcing young girls to sign their lives away in a contract with her agency where they are reduced to extras in chai commercials. But I get it, Pakistan is fashion conscious and has made quite strides in that industry so why not do a little bit on her too. However upon reading her responses to two very basic questions meant to inspire and encourage youth in their twenties, one figures out exactly why the world detests her. She managed to make it all about herself. Once again, it was Freiha Altafs version of “How I am like totally better than you, [because I am like really not] but like I am just going to stroke my own ego [because like no one else is doing it] and now make this about me me me!”
I can just picture the poor girls who walk into her Catwalk Modeling Agency. They probably all have to succumb to listening to three hours of an arrogant tribute she gives herself and her career while knocking the hopeful down.
This self-proclaimed supermodel whom no one had heard of till she started a modeling agency, has a way of rewriting fashion history by recreating bits about herself.
Supermodel? Really? I mean just because you were Junaid Jamshed little love interest in “Sanwalee Salonee” and may have posed for a two-page spread in MAG circa 1980s in your mom-jeans and camel-toe….I am not exactly sure you could qualify as the reigning supermodel of Pakistani 80s…or 90s. WAKE UP!
Oh and I almost choked on my tea this morning laughing at her little “I had honorary admissions in Ivy League graduate schools like Columbia and University of Pennsylvania, but I wanted to be an artist and sculptor.” Ok…sweetie…sweetie…sweetie….what the hell is an “honorary admission” anyway. These are Ivy League schools. You either get in…or you don’t! There are no “honorary admissions”. Unless you were talking about Columbia University in New Yaar Khan or UPenn Landhi Campus…I refuse to buy your little fib here. Please do clarify. You do realize that receiving an application packet isn’t exactly an acceptance letter. But the again in your world, one ad through nepotism leads to supermodel status so I totally see where you may be coming from!
She goes on to talk about her offers for Bollywood films. Yeah ok sweetie…must be nice to build a fantasy world around yourself. Were you offered a cameo in a Tamil fillum? And the CEO of the first modeling agency you talk about is where you encourage your girls to get Botox right? I mean….really? You might as well give Joan Rivers a contract to model for you!
What a joke!
Anyway the rest of the people interviewed were all quite impressive so do check out the article!

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