Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pakistani model Fehmina Chaudhry found murdered!

Details of the motive behind the realtors actions. Lover? Greed? Disgusting.

Singapore-based Pakistani model Fehmina Chaudhry was found murdered in the Pakistan capital of Islamabad on Monday, after her alleged murderer confessed to killing her and led the police to her body.

According to reports by the Pakistan media, Ms Chaudhry’s mother, Ms Nashiba Taskeen, reported the 27-year-old as missing on Oct 12. Ms Chaudhry was visiting Islamabad to buy property.

"Police arrested the real estate broker and after interrogation, he told officers that he had murdered the model and dumped her body in a stream at the outskirts of the city," Islamabad police spokesman Muhammad Naeem told AFP.

Her promoter in Pakistan, Mr Asif Hashmi, confirmed Chaudhry's death, and said she was married with a son and a daughter. "She was a dedicated philanthropist and she was planning to set up a fashion school in Pakistan," Mr Hashmi said, adding that she had won several beauty contests.

Further details can be found here.

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