Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taher Shah....I am your fan now! I got your back!

And Amir Liaquat, I want to shove that same snake where the sun don't shine with you but I am afraid you may enjoy that too much!

Today, my inbox was full of my readers sharing with me a video of Taher Shah on Amir Liaquat's show. I excitedly clicked on the link hoping to be entertained. Not just by Taher Shah but Amir Liaquat who is the BIGGEST douchebag on airwaves right now. After watching the 7 minute clip, I sat there with the realization that when its all said and done, Taher Shah is a far more classier man than Amir Liaquat could ever even aspire to be. The man who claim to be a "muslim" was openly bullying a man who has just followed his dreams, stayed true to himself and has entertained the country at a time of despair.

F you Amir Liaquat...and leave our Taher Shah alone. he makes us smile and laugh just by singing. We don't need you to step in. You depress us and make us angry. Go back to the slum you came from. And who the hell is this Yazdani character? You guys are the bigots that pretend to be "holy" but are as evil as they come!

I guess its all for the better. Because, your plan backfired Amir. Social media is abuzz with Pakistanis singing praises for Taher and standing in his corner. They have further lost respect for you...that is if they had any in the first place!

And now the video!

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