Monday, July 1, 2013

Main Humayun Saeed hoon....

Laikin kyoun ho yaar?

There seems to be a lot of buzz around a revival of Pakistani cinema this Eid! One of the films that is creating somewhat of a buzz in Pakistan due to be released on Eid is the film "Main Shahid Afridi Hoon".

At first thought, the movie sounded promising. And then I saw its promotional videos and posters. Here we go again. yet another gratuitous attempt at a Humayun Saeed Variety Show! Self-absorbed posters of the man....and then this trailer which seems to be nothing more than an attempt for Humayun to hold on to his last wish of being "fillum hero".

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi - Ucoming Pakistani... by f100004154464203

Oh dear may hold the wallet with the word producer but hasn't anyone told you how absurd and distasteful your agenda to push yourself comes across? Can you please age gracefully?

And on another note....this seems to be a desperate attempt to copy Bollywood circa 1980! Did we not learn our lessons from TV dramas? Lets not mimic India...but have our own identity. Omresh Puri's voice and the desperate attempts to ape Indian films seems to deter movie-goers like myself from ever watching a film which already seems to suffer from some bad complexes!

Sure....when you were young Humayun - which is probably eons ago now - you probably sat and watched Mithin films and dreamt of being a hero in one yourself. This may be a way for you to live out that fantasy. Good for you. But please do that in the privacy of your own home....and not waterboard us movie-goers who have already stopped watching TV dramas because you still insist on playing the role of an 18 year old boy! Rumor has it you play the role of a coach (luckily not an 18 year old boy) but it would have been far more classy....if you had let a newcomer in the film and the protagonist of your story step into the limelight for once. Its better to do it yourself before you are asked to step away!

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