Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bolta Mushtaq Minhas.....(Pakistan just wants you to shut up!)

Mushtaq Minhas is the most ridiculous anchor! If you are running out of things to talk about on your show about I make a few suggestions!

Start with apologizing to people for such an idiotic show and then focus on talking about real issues?

Start your own dance show? You seem to have a lot of "lachak"? Or is that just how puppets dance wen their talk shows are funded by corrupt political parties?


I mean was this even necessary? No one really understands what you are so upset about? What are you flailing your arms about for? I mean.....does anyone even care? Aren't there more important things to talk about?

عمران خان بری طرح بے نقاب by dm_517b6b65ced88


  1. to put it simply, Pakistan unlike the U.S, has a multi-party system where more parties than just two parties represent the country in the national assembly.

    An ALL PARTIES CONFERENCE (APC) to discuss the new Parliament/Governments policy on how to deal with terrorism in the country is being held.

    All the Parties in parliament will be represented at this APC by their Chairpersons.

    This is to ensure that everybody is clear on what the policy is and also because they may have a chance to raise objections or contribute to the policy being scripted. It is an incredibly democratic thing.

    Mushtaq Minhas is being critical of Imran Khan opting not to attend this important APC, and instead opting to go to England for a "second opinion check-up" on his spinal injury; to chill with his kids and to attend charity balls for the welfare of endangered south-asian elephants (hosted by the Mittal steel magnates of India).

    It is a perfectly sensible criticism, given the mandate of the PTI Chairmans party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: a province maimed by terrorists for the better part of this millenium.

    In a country where political leaders, such as the ones from ANP and even the PPPP have bravely died for the peoples welfare, this appearance of his sends a terrible signal to the general masses.

    in any case, the APC has been postponed to accommodate the guys schedule because it really is important for him to be there. Lets hope he doesn't extend his stay there because then Mushtaq Minhas will really lose his shit.

    Also, here are some other reputed journalists criticising I.K for his decision to skip the APC:

  2. I am sorry Laconic but where is all the criticism of Zardari travelling the world on govt dime? doing what? I meannnnnn we have turned a blind eye on everyone else but are free to judge and criticize IK.