Saturday, July 13, 2013

The best way to celebrate your birthday!

Happy Bitrhday Muhammed Yasir Baloch, Rashid Ali Khosa and Muhammed Ullusyar Khan, Murtaza Jaffar and Khalid Ismail.

These young boys have inspired me to do the same! This year I will wait to celebrate my 33rd birthday in Pakistan. All the money that I have saved for a trip to Spain for my birthday, I will spend doing similar things.

Who else is celebrating their birthday the same way?


July 5, 2013, marked my 24th birthday and I decided to spend the day doing something different. Inspired by a video I found online, I decided that I would spend the day doing random acts of kindness. So my friends and I spent the entire day looking for ways to be helpful to society. We went to the hospital, to our university and finally took to the streets to do something constructive with the time we had.


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