Friday, November 1, 2013

Vogue does Lahore!


Suhair Khan discovers Michelin-worthy kebabs, meets major artists in their homes and spotlights Lahore's most popular fashion designers

In the heart of a throbbing city of 10 million people is a walled island where the timestamp seems to be stuck somewhere around 1647 AD.

Bags of saffron, turmeric, fresh peaches and dried tobacco are piled high along shoulder-width cobbled streets. And so while standing in the midst of Old Lahore's Wazir Khan Mosque this summer, in the deepest corner of the Mughal-era Androon Shehr -- as the Asr azaan was called out of the tiled minars -- I held my breath and waited for reality to seep back through my skin.

The thing is, as you drive back through those narrow roads and onto lush tree-lined boulevards, Lahore's reality hits you pretty quickly: start-up competitions, art fairs, parties, fashion shows, incessant wedding celebrations, (many) flyovers, abnormally large malls and business conferences.

Lahore is, in every way, an archetypical contemporary city -- peppered with some necessary chaos and flavoured with a fair dose of Punjabi swagger.


More fun pics here!

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