Monday, March 4, 2013

Shame-ila Farooqi

The bimbo has spoken (and we wish she never had)

Sharmila said - “Abbas town is in District Central and Mohatta in District South Khi. They have separate Dig’s to Ssp’s to sho’s.”
I ask - do you even honestly know what those acronyms stand for? You know they arent actual words honey

Sharmila said - “Oh 32000 police personnel were protecting 400 guests? Find a better excuse to bash me!”
I ask - Did you fail Math in grade school? Why would we even dare to bash you. We all know you go around slapping people in airports.

Sharmila said - “Ok! So the blast was my fault and the unfortunate casualties were because Clifton Police was around Mohatta…If it soothes the haters keep abusing”.
I ask - Haters? so what are you Jay-Z now. the only thing that would sooth me was if you got laryngitis....for like...the rest of your fucking life!

Sharmila said - “And one final clarification. My engagement was on 24th Feb at my house. Yesterday was a dinner. Simple
I ask - Simpul? Honey there is nothing simpul in your life...well...maybe your brain!

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