Monday, March 4, 2013

Protest at Sindh Chief Minster's House

Proud of our youth in Pakistan. In light of the douchebaggery that is Sharmila Faroogi's "ANGAGEMENT DINNER" while our country is ripped to shreds and the Abbas Town tragedy, youth in Karachi decided to protest against the provincial government's failure at clamping down violence in Karachi. Senior government officials enjoy unlimited security for themselves - although honestly those are lives we could do without- they made the smarter choice of protesting NOT at the official CM House, BUT in front of the Chief Minister's personal house in DHA. I would have loved to see the lock on his face when he couldnt hear the dialogues of his favorite star-plus drama because the youth of Pakistan want justice and freedom. Hopefully this will be the first in a series of protests at the residences of other VIP state officials also. Padash salutes you!

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