Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jinnah Returns - Film

Looks interesting....can either be VERY good or very bad. Hoping for the former.

The short film “Jinnah Returns” is based on a story of Musa Malik, who is shown as a young patriot, running a small NGO, accidentally meets Jinnah who has been covertly living in a guise. Jinnah in the movie has been depicted quite distinctively from his original character. He is shown as a geo economic analyst who has done exhaustive research on the main reasons that entailed this country to such predicaments. The film delivers diversified messages especially for our youngsters who are yearning to have a Changed Pakistan for themselves. An interesting piece of work, that will deliver powerful message to the new generation.

Writer: Shahmir Ahsanullah
Director: Shahmir Toric Ahsanullah

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