Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Imran Khan...I'll vote for you BUT....

Please try your best to not look so bored and arrogant as you have usually looked in the past.

A reader sent me this picture from a disabled conference that PTI is having. Let me be very clear. At this point my vote is for Imran Khan simply because all the ones before him have trashed our country. So let me hold on to some optimism. HOWEVER....those who know me...I do want to play devils advocate here and ask our dear Kaptaan, are you really ready for this? Or are you going to become just another Parvez Musharraf! A somewhat privileged man...with a huge ego...and good intentions. Good intentions are not enough. With a huge ego and the job of running such an unaccountable role as running Pakistan where power is given unconditionally and does more than intoxicates…it sedates….do you promise to not let your good intentions prevail and become action instead of becoming another Musharaff-esque pompous tool who ruined our country because of personal issues.

So…with that being said….im still hoping for the best. And till then…sit up…open your eyes…and show some interest. This picture did rub me the wrong way!

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