Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pakistani police

From a facebook post. This is from an indivdiual who is actively involved in the peaceful protest of persecution against religious minorities in Pakistan.

"Yesterday, when about 30 or 40 of us were holding a peaceful protest at Teen Talwar against the ongoing violence, the police and Rangers moved us from the roundabout within an hour, even though we were not breaking any rules or blocking traffic. Ten minutes later, when we were standing on the sidewalk debating talking, they asked us to leave the area. We walked to a nearby dhaba for a cup of tea and Rangers showed up there as well, saying that they had warned us to break up the protest. They also wanted to take away with them a young man who had spray painted some anti-army and anti-ISI slogans, blaming them (rightly, at least partially, in my opinion) for the security situation. While wall chalking may be illegal, the person to go after is not that young man but political parties, religious groups, companies advertising their products who have plastered the city with their slogans.

Fast forward one day and the security forces take a nap as dozens of houses are torched and thousands rendered homeless in Lahore. They continue sleeping as people plan attacks and carry them out, when people in Quetta, Karachi, Lahore and all over the country watch their lives crumble. Indeed, the greatest threat to this country comes from a small group of people standing on a roundabout with some posters and banners, because that's the only time security forces seem to wake up to the fact that they have a “duty” to do and are “wearing uniform”.

Please try and join the protest against this horrendous crime against the Christian community, today (Sunday) at 4 pm outside the Karachi Press Club."

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