Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hope....for Pakistan....

A friend shared this with me on facebook. Not sure who the original poster is. But it brought tears to my eyes.

While stuck in a 30 minute traffic jam near Baloch Colony and feeling sorry for myself and my countrymen, I spotted a sight that reminded me that this city has not yet been beaten. Amidst the chaos, the lone traffic policeman managing the large intersection completely broke down. Defeated, he retired to the side walk, dodging honking cars on his way. A twenty-something kid in a faded, Metallica T-shirt on a bike next to me yelled out “Chalo!”, seemingly signaling an invisible army of vagabonds. To my surprise, within a minute, in perfect Bollywood fashion, a bunch of kids (that I admittedly had misjudged) got off their bikes and ran over to the policeman. The kids lifted him up, dusted him off and began directing traffic alongside him. Before long, passage ways were being created for ambulances to pass through, motorbikes were picking up pedestrians (there were a lot of people that had been standing on the sidewalk waiting for a bus, but unfortunately the buses weren't stopping) , cars were slowly moving and best of all, drivers were rolling down their windows the thank the brave young boys. Karachi, you are not lost – there is still much to cherish and much to save. I just wish more civilians would volunteer their time to making a positive change (no matter how small) versus sitting back and cribbing about the situation. Here’s to those who continue to give us hope. The rest of you, Please stay safe!

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