Thursday, March 28, 2013

Human Rights Campaign needs to take the word "HUMAN" out of their name and mission statement!

I figured Human Rights Champagne would be better but, I still dont see these bigots toasting Champaign with anyone who is transgendered, undocumented or in other words....doesn't look like them.

I have never been a huge fan of HRC thanks to what all my non-white gay friends tell me. However, today I took down their Marriage Rally picture from my profile on facebook and replaced it with this!

Human Rights Campaign needs to stop the bigotry.

You can read more here:

Yesterday QUIP leader, Jerssay Arredondo, was asked by HRC to speak in front of thousands of people in front of the Supreme Court to repeal DOMA. Just before getting on stage he was told to not say he was Undocumented!

SHARE & Post this picture as your profile picture to show your support for our QUIP leaders & to send a message to Human Rights Campaign that LGBTQ rights are Immigrant Rights!


and then this. This Michael Cole Scwartz guy needs to be replaced by someone more eloquent. Let me guess....he went to AU or GW and made fun of people who went to Howard.

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