Friday, August 24, 2012

What is a word that starts with a B and ends with a Y?

And is equally as sinful, disgusting and replusive.

A word that applies to all the religious extremist idiots that like to play god knowing that is just as sinful.

A word that should be punishable but its ok in our religion we dont believe in violence.

A word that was eradicated from the world when our religion was preached in the right way.

Yes you guessed it....the word is BIGOTRY!

A word much worse than Blasphemy.

Its time for a Bigotry Law in Pakistan! Let he without sin cast the first stone.

Free Rimsha Masih. Sign the peition.

Today, I stand by Rimsha Masih. Because my religion taught me peace and compassion. NOT bigotry!

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  1. It's funny that probably the most important issue in our country where citizens are stake of losing a livelihood of truthfulness and dignity towards themselves and other human elements are not being addressed, or commented on. I personally find it obscene to both human intellect and religious piousness that an afflicted down syndrome girl is being demanded to be brutalized the same way the poor "malang" was, not too long ago. I'm not sure why the current Muslim population think that laws just evolved organically from the biosphere into our daily lives with out ever questioning the motives behind it or even fully understand the meaning of it.
    Blasphemy and desecration of a holy scripture is at the heart of two very disagreeable implication. First is that a holy scripture that is full of vainglorious stories and about glorifying god, could possibly not be disrespected or shortened in stature by someone who is not capable of reasoning (down syndrome girl). The second is that an omnipotent god must have had complete command and control over the young girl.
    So may be we should rid of people on the side of god and those who think its their right to protect god or the scripture. After all an omnipotent, "great", "glorious", "all powerfull" god shouldn't need any help from the stupid humans "who were created sick and commanded to be well".