Thursday, August 16, 2012

Obama and Chandoo

Ok so the foolish idiocy from the tea-baggers continues. They have now posted pictures of who they believe was Obama's boyfriend in college. Oh i mean his husband. This article was so stupid I could barely get through. Mr John Drew claims he was sure that Obama was Pakistani bhai's "boy toy". LOL! But I must say, althought not as sizzling as the models pic i posted yesterday but Chandoo still looks pretty cute. That is if this pic is accurate. I have no way of knowing. He has a moustache and ya all know how I love that! But here are some points that the idiot tea baggers should know.

1. 2 men can be friends.

2. Just because most Pakistani men like to dress up and wear expensive clothes does not mean they are gay.

3. Mr. Chandoo is probably happily married right now and laughing at your foolishness.

4. If two men could get married back so many years ago...why are you so hell bent on stopping it from happening it now?

5. Mr. Drew when you seem just as flaming as Boy George. Do you secretly like men. Do you secretly like Pakistani men?

6. At one point you claim Pakistan is full of Muslim fundamentalists but at another point you claim they were so progressive that they were marrying their boyrfriends decades ago. Make up your mind!!! have my vote in 2012!

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