Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This too was Pakistan sure...but this still is Pakistan

A rebuttal article of NFP's phot essay was published by Abdul Nishapuri. An insightful read sure BUT i still think NFP's photo journey was not trying to paint a misleading picture. It was more of an article of some hidden gems that the youth of Pakistan today could marvel at with astonishment since as far as they knew, they grew up in a "backward" country that needed to "be more progressive." The essay was just a pleasant surprise for many that didnt know that Western tourists roamed the streets of Karachi, that hippes sat and smoked hash in the open streets...that women could go swimming in Bikinis. It was a reminder by NFP to the youth that what they wished Pakistan could be like in the future actually already once existed in the past. Even within their so-called wealthy circles. Lets call it what it is and enjoy its simple message. lets not over analyze and lets not argue!

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