Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tanhaiyaan - Sequel

Ok guys remember this. The song and these characters immediately bring a smile to my face. I discovered this play when I had chicken pox in the 4th grade and was stuck at home. I stumbled upon 4 Pulse Global VHS tapes lying around the house and I was immediately engrossed. It was the best thing ever.

WELLLLL.....rumour has it that some very talented people including some of the original brainchilds are working on a sequel! How happy does that make me! Cant wait and very excited! =)

As soon as I find out more about the sequel, I will let everyone know!

In the meantime: Who was your favorite character and/or scene?

Mine was Sania (Marina Khan) and I loooooved the way she would rub her palms together. I was guilty of copying that little gesture for a while!


  1. Hi do u have the VHS tapes of tanhaiyan.

  2. Any chance I could borrow. Pls I will convert and give u a copy.