Thursday, August 23, 2012

Does anyoone know anything about this hottie???

OK...I feel like a stalker...I like to think of myself more as a dedicated fan, but I first saw this video many years ago. Amazing song that I listened to quite a bit but I'm not gonna lie I harbor a school-girl crush on the lead singer. Does anyone know who this guy is? Is this Salaar or Gumby or Hasil or Meykaal Hassan? I have never seen this heart-throb again but he is sooooo CUTE and wanna know if anyone has any info on him and whether we will be seeing this cutie on-screen again. Is he single? Is he taken? Will he be wiling to serenade me every morning instead of my Iphone alarm clock?

Any info would be appreciated!


  1. Hey Padash,

    The guy's name is Salar, facebook profile: salar.farooki

    Think of this as payback for the several hearty laughs your posts on chowk have given me over the years.

    Take Care,


  2. Thanks Titan. He is very good looking. facebook stalking begins NOW! lol