Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Obama was once married to a Chikna LOL!

Dilbar dilbar dilbar jaaan....dil bar bar....

Tea Baggers in America can make up some of the most idiotic lies. I just think its funny that they are now going around claiming that Obama dated...actually married... a Pakistani man. As foolish and fatuous as that claim could goes to show that everyone loves themselves a Pakistani man!


New York Times-bestselling author and Tea Party activist Jerome Corsi, whose political analysis is featured at 1776 Nation and WorldNetDaily, delivers the election year bombshell. Unearthed photos from young adulthood show Barack Obama sporting a wedding band-style ring, the final piece in a puzzle which points to one thing: a hush-hush marriage to his male Pakistani roommate, with whom Corsi says Obama was suspiciously “chummy”. Corsi also doubts that our president actually attended Columbia University, despite teachers’ and students’ recollections of his presence.


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