Saturday, August 25, 2012

Something the world can learn from Pakistan...

I too am guilty of posting a lot of things about Pakistan that upset me and shame me. However, there are always things that the developed world can learn from us.

An average career of a Western model begins its demise soon after they turn 21. They are often coaxed to loose weight by their agents and agencies and are encouraged to appear as skinny and anoexic-looking as possible. Marriage let alone babies is something that become sure ways to end their careers and take away from the youthful, "girl next door" appeal. Cocaine use becomes a common indulgence among many of these models less out of recreation but as a way of staying skinny. Here is a picture of Ondira Hardin who walked the runway at age 14 for Marc Jacobs during New York Fashion Week.

However, in Pakistan, the average age of a Pakistani model at the height of her career is usually above 25 and even 30: Nadia Hussein, Vinnie, Aamina Sheikh. They appear healthy and dont starve themselves - often seen lunching around cafes of Karachi - and are either married or living a content single life.

Here is a picture of one of my favorite models, the height of her career...healthy...the right age...married...and with children. Living a healthy life.

Its something we can teach others around the world. Dear Pakistan Fashion Industry...lets continue to set this example for the world.

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