Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bijli - New York City's Desi Drag Queen

I first came across Bijli the dancing drag queen in a sari who pulsated to Bollywood beats at a gay desi party in New York City called Sholay! My childhood bestfriend, Peanut was in town from London and dragged me with him. It was an amazing and fun night where we danced to "Kal ho Na ho" songs and laughed and reminisced of how far we had come from two misfits in Olevels during 90s Islamabad. She performed and I screamed and whistled like a dumb excited girl who had just moved to NYC. Because back then I was a dumb Pakistani girl who had just moved to NYC.

Later I heard that there was a documentary about her that was screened at Karachi's Karafilm Fest. I always wanted to watch it. Well now luckily I can and so can you. Adorable short doc which will warm your heart. Great work Adnan Malik!

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