Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Arrest the BITCH Nighat Sheikh (PML)!

Another third-class BITCCH! Nighat Sheikh!

Readers is there a petition that already exists? If not please share with me so I can get it on my blog and social media as soon as possible! Its a new day in Pakistan. She needs to pay for her actions! The article can be found here!


According to officials and eyewitnesses, Nighat Sheikh was travelling from Islamabad to Lahore on a private company’s bus. She asked the bus hostess Iqra Nawaz to provide her water who said that she would oblige as soon as the bus embarked on its journey. However the MPA started arguing and slapped the bus hostess in the face.

The driver immediately drove the bus to a police station where all the passengers also testified against the MPA. However in an apparent show of power, the MPA managed to register a case against the bus hostess.

Police has declared the hostess innocent after all witness accounts went in her favour with all the passengers testifying against Nighat Sheikh.

PML-N Punjab Secretary General Raja Ghulam Sarwar has issued a show-cause notice to MPA Nighat Sheikh suspending her membership of the party. She has been instructed to respond within three days.

Sarwar has promised that the MPA would be sacked from the party if found guilty.


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