Tuesday, June 18, 2013

7-11 Human Smuggling....Baig Sahib...yeh kya?

Farrukh Baig and Bushra Baig are a Pakistani couple who have been arrested on Human Smuggling. Sad about the living conditions and sad that Pakistanis living in the US are further exploiting undocumented Pakistanis instead of helping them, supporting them and offering them employment in the right way so it could lead towards a path of legal residence.


More than a dozen 7-Eleven franchises took in more than $180 million in revenue by running a “modern-day plantation system,” prosecutors in New York charged on Monday, built on the unpaid labor of dozens of illegal immigrants hired using sham Social Security numbers.

Farrukh and Bushra Baig, a married couple and American citizens from Pakistan who live on Long Island, owned and managed 12 stores in New York and Virginia along with Mr. Baig’s brothers, Zahid and Shannawaz, and his associates, Malik Yousaf, Tariq Rana and Ramon Nanas. All have been charged.

A separate case was brought against two brothers, Ahzar Zia, a citizen of the United States and Pakistan, and Ummar Uppal, who the authorities said was an illegal immigrant. They own and control two stores in Suffolk County.


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