Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rabia Imran (Shahbaz Sharif) the world is still waiting for your apology?

plus by the looks of her obesity, she would have been better off not eating pastries and cakes. He was doing you a favor. Hijabs dont get you into heaven....compassion and kindness does.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The first preview of Tanhaiyan's sequel

Seems a little forced. But I still have high hopes. I want some light fun, nostalgic evenings with my laptop. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The beauty of Copy and Paste - Shahbaz Sharif's assistant!

Although I appreciate Shahbaz Sharif's assistant's "copy and paste" standard reply to all the facebook messages he has received. BUT, I am sorry justice is NOT being served.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Binder Full of Women

Yay Whoopi for standing up for Artis!

Although I cant stand this show, I am glad that some of the women on the show said the right thing! Shi'dia Lane needs to pay the price for this so other Shi'dia's sit their asses down on the bus instead of yelling screaming spitting and hitting. Whats the latest update on Hughes? Has he gotten his job back?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rabia Imran (Shahbaz Sharif's daughter) you are a BITCH!

I dont usually like to blog such hateful words but enough is enough! I will stoop to her level. if you dont have time to watch the whole video just start from the atrocity that begins at the 7:45 mark. Oh and Shahbaz this your upbringing? Do you really think you run the world? Where is Amnesty International? Where are all the Human Rights advocates? Cant they stand up to corrupt politicians in Pakistan? They are the real terrorists! How much more evidence do you need! Who does she think she is? Who does her father think he is?
Oh and I dont care how many of these idiot guards and thugs you fire Mr. Shabaz. That is just more insult to injury. You wont appease anyone that easily, dont insult our intelligence! That is not the solution. Your daughter Rabia Imran needs to go on public television and apologize to the shop worker. How do people like you live with yourself? These are human beings you idiots not animals! Dear readers, i strongly urge everyone to share this post with others. and if you can please send Mr. Shahbaz Sharif a message on his facebook page right here.
UPDATE: Apparently Shahbaz Sharif's son in law has been arrested for an evening and the guards/thug entourage were also arrested. I wonder if the jail the Badmash Sharif clan live in is comparable to a 5 star suite. Will the arrest record be expunged with devious means and connections by the Sharif clan? Anyway thats besides the point. Rabia Imran STILL needs to go on public television and apologize to the shop owner for her actions. she is the BITCH who started this all! I am a woman and I need to hear this woman's apology! Does anyone have any update on the shop worker? I fear his life is in jeopardy. No telling what these disgusting loons are capable of.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

LOVE Madonna!

There may be many Nicki Minaj's, Lady Gagas, KeShas and Rihannas..... BUT there is only ONE Madonna! Props for her salute to Malala by tattooing her name on her back during a concert! But lets all, also pay tribute to the other few girls who also got injured in the process. They are victims too and deserve ou sopport as well.

Artis Hughes Deserves an apology and his job back!

I am a feminist... I am a supporter of peace... but in this case I stand with the bus driver! If we do not penalise Shi'dia Lane the self-proclaimed 'victim'.....we send the wrong message. Girls like her who think they are tough....start fights with people who dont fight back....and throw in punches to girls and guys...are NOT victims! She is the one who needs to be prosecuted so other females should know not to act tough and hit people. The video can be found here. More details about the incident here I am glad the witnesses stood up to protect Hughes.
UPDATE: Please sign this petition now.

Monday, October 8, 2012

An amazing review of my book! =)

Review by Sohail Malik I sit My scarf fallen from my head I don’t care if a stranger sees my hair My senses embrace me, Let nothing disturb This domain of pleasure (Waves of Pleasure by Miraji) Translated by Mahmood Jamal
Decades ago, Mohammad Sanaullah (Miraji) penned some provocative poems exploring sexuality and erotic themes. He was ridiculed by his contemporaries and never achieved the acclaim he deserved. Nevertheless, his books adorned shelves of thousands who admired his work but lacked the courage to publicly give him his due respect. I like to believe that Miraji coveted the admiration of his readers more than the accolades from his contemporaries. Padash is the bolder version of Miraji. Being a woman from a culture where the honor of the country remains tied to women’s chastity, Padash has taken the same leap Miraji took years ago. Her first book “Talking on Paper, Confessions of a Girl with a Loose Churucter” will ruffle some feathers and may even invite the wrath from the guardians of honor. A few will pass contemptuous judgments but there will be plenty like me who would keep the book in their collection. I have a feeling that she like Miraji, would be least concerned with the labels the moral judges will assign her but would relish the thought that some admire her for having the courage to live life on her own terms. Talking on paper is a journey of a young child growing up in a culture where being cool is akin to being westernized. Padash shares how incompatible influences shape the thought process of child in her quest to find her identity. It starts from the elite schools of Islamabad, through the secret world of private parties where drugs and alcohol flow free and eventually into the web of forbidden liaisons. Underlying in each of her short stories is the inexplicable battle for identity, reconstruction of destroyed self esteem and innate desire for self fulfillment. Padash hits the nerves in her comparison of true friendships with those that are forged for convenience. She brilliantly expands upon the profound effect of loyalty and betrayal upon the young impressionable minds. Her book is far more than the salacious escapades of a rebellious girl. It is the first hand account of how important it is to nurture the self esteem of our youth and the need to communicate and reach out to the children. Furthermore, Padash’s stories are protest against the dogmas that require sacrifice of dreams and aspirations of girls in favor of marital security. In the process she also disrobes the men who hide under the shroud of nobility and no doubt will be the first to cast judgment on her yet are guilty of the same indiscretions. Why Yes! Or should it be Gee Haan? Talking on Paper is a guaranteed page turner provided you can put away your moral compass. You may not agree with Padash’s lifestyle or the choices she has made in her life. Nevertheless, it is her choices, her life and her decisions. If you can respect her right to live life on her terms then take a chance. Get the book. Read it with the open mind. It is engrossing and Padash is truly gifted with the art of expression. Additionally, the sexcapades of a Pakistani female will be used not to exploit but to benefit the exploited since all proceeds go towards a worthy cause. Geen Haan (since it would be blasphemous to use Why Yes) she is a looker, a great writer and is compassionate. Should anything else really matter? I have never met the author or know if these stories are real or imagined. She has however become a virtual friend and I cherish the brief exchanges we have on the digital world. Padash breathes on the pages of “Talking on Paper” and is best encapsulated by Kishwar Nazli in her poem “I am not that Woman”. A couplet from that poem in her honor for having the courage to write her first book. I am the one you crushed with the weight of custom and tradition not knowing that light cannot be hidden in darkness. Remember me, I am the one in whose lap you picked flowers and planted thorns and embers not knowing that chains cannot smother my fragrance. (Translated by Mahmood Jamal)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yeah we 47%, we grew up on da streets Romney...Sesame Streets!

"Now I am unemployed and homeless....let me show you REAL grouchy!!!" - Oscar the Grouch
"Yes I work legally for PBS..." - Bob The Builder.
"Cant we just stay married? we have been in love for 40 years?" - Bert and Ernie
"I didnt need Food Stamps, till you laid me off!" - Cookie Monster

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"In the choice between love and hate, choose LOVE!'

Responding to hate-speech, by teaching haters how to speak. Thanks to these amazing Christian and Rabbi organizations that make me proud to be a Muslim living in the US. Ads have been paid out of their own pockets. Please take the time to visit their pages, to thank them and also to donate: Sojourners Magazine Rabbis for Human Rights-North America United Methodist Women

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I scream, your scream, we all scream against ignorance!

The hateful owner then had this to say.
Mr Schaeffer told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that there was an icon next to the customer's Facebook profile that led him to believe he was in Pakistan. He said his response was merely a statement of fact and that he never intended to be offensive. A screenshot of the conversation, which blurs the names of those involved, shows that the Facebook comment from the customer had a location stamp of Sheridan, Wyoming. 'I apologize if he took it wrong, that’s not what I meant by it. I guess I didn’t read the whole thing,' he told the newspaper.
I have never eben heard of this ice cream, but I guess I wont be buying any from here any time soon. Besides I am a Frozen Yogurt type of gal anyway! ;)


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another female hero for standing up against bullies - Jennifer Livingston

As many of you know, I was once a young girl who dealt with a lot of bullying due to my weight, my eye-glasses and my braces. A combination which pretty much leads to social suicide in a Pakistani English Medium School. I rose above it! But its women like Jennifer who are the real role models. Not women like me who changed themselves and their appearance to meet society's demands but women like Livingston and Balpree Kaur who stand up and educate and change the way society thinks.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Worst movie death scene ever...

Nope this is not a punjabi film This will haunt me all night now