Monday, October 15, 2012

Rabia Imran (Shahbaz Sharif's daughter) you are a BITCH!

I dont usually like to blog such hateful words but enough is enough! I will stoop to her level. if you dont have time to watch the whole video just start from the atrocity that begins at the 7:45 mark. Oh and Shahbaz this your upbringing? Do you really think you run the world? Where is Amnesty International? Where are all the Human Rights advocates? Cant they stand up to corrupt politicians in Pakistan? They are the real terrorists! How much more evidence do you need! Who does she think she is? Who does her father think he is?
Oh and I dont care how many of these idiot guards and thugs you fire Mr. Shabaz. That is just more insult to injury. You wont appease anyone that easily, dont insult our intelligence! That is not the solution. Your daughter Rabia Imran needs to go on public television and apologize to the shop worker. How do people like you live with yourself? These are human beings you idiots not animals! Dear readers, i strongly urge everyone to share this post with others. and if you can please send Mr. Shahbaz Sharif a message on his facebook page right here.
UPDATE: Apparently Shahbaz Sharif's son in law has been arrested for an evening and the guards/thug entourage were also arrested. I wonder if the jail the Badmash Sharif clan live in is comparable to a 5 star suite. Will the arrest record be expunged with devious means and connections by the Sharif clan? Anyway thats besides the point. Rabia Imran STILL needs to go on public television and apologize to the shop owner for her actions. she is the BITCH who started this all! I am a woman and I need to hear this woman's apology! Does anyone have any update on the shop worker? I fear his life is in jeopardy. No telling what these disgusting loons are capable of.


  1. I saw the entire film. Great public service.
    The problem, however, is that all this happened in PAKISTAN (The land of the Pious). You are right a few guards shall get fired and nothing will happen to the 'Khadim-e-Aalla' and/or his great daughter.
    See even God Almighty (Allah, Khuda, Bhugwan, Ram, Raheem, The Great One, The Father, etc what ever ou call him/her) is on their side. No matter what these people do THEY keep getting richer, live longer and happier whereas the poor bearded cleaner gets beat by the God Almighty (see in parenthesis above) and then by the ladies dogs and later on by her fathers dogs.
    This my dear is the sad fact of life on this Earth.

  2. Exactly Khursheed Khan! The sad thing is that I want to disagree with you so badly but i cant. you are absolutely right. These savages are teflon. Nothing ever happens to them in their glass houses. The most I could do is to associate the word "Bitch" with Rabia Imran so whenever anyone googles her this shows up. But i doubt people like her even care. I want her to know that she can walk around in a hijab all she wants but that wont get her into heaven. There is no place for hooligans like her in heaven.