Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Friendships....

So there is an Uncle who lives next door to me, who I thought was spanish but later realized was Pakistani (much to my embarassment) because of the Bulbulay marathons he watches every evening. He has seen me parade plenty of men out of my appartment. Ouch! eh! what are you gonna do right! He watches Pakistani TV all day and night! I dont know what his deal is. But on Friday night, when I got home from work I heard an amazing and very soothing Ghazal emanating from his apartment. I decided to take the brave step and knocked. I introduced myself. We spoke in Urdu. Then I complimented the ghazal and asked him for the name. It turned out he didnt know which was odd. Our conversation though cordial ended briefly. Today when I got home from brunch, he knocked on my door and handed me a piece of paper with the words 'Zahid Ne Mera Hasil e Eman Naheen Dekha' Abida Parveen. I may have made a desi uncle friend! I have been listening to this ghazal all day on youtube as I write my next column. And as I play it on repeat, I would like to think he is on the other end of the wall, nodding his head to the ghazal emanating from my place. A smile on his lips. Because he too may realize that he has made a desi young female friend!

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