Monday, September 24, 2012

Lets make Nishat Cinema even more amazing!

For a daily dose of Shame on US! This is a picture of a landmark theater in the US. It is perserved. Tourists from all over the States, pose pictures of themselves next to it. People fondly reminisce of their memories here, films they saw at special moments in their lives. Films and photographers find ways to take best shot of this place to cease another landmark from history. Literature often mentions it. It is captured in time and a source of pride for Americans.
This is a picture of similar cinema in Pakistan. Nishat Cinema that should be no different for any of us Pakistanis.
Instead of respecting it and marvelling at its importance in our history....we watched as idiots destroyed such an important part of our history.
Sure, we were not the ones who did this devastation. But what can we do to reuild it. We may not have given this landmark its deserved due before...but lets stand in the way of such brutality. Lets use this opportunity to do our best to transform the theater back to - not only its original shape - but even better than what it once was. Pakistan is not full of savages and barbarians and raging idiots. Those are just a few handful of people. Pakistan is full of artists, generous philanthropists, creative youth, peace loving residents, trend-setters and most of all optimists! Lets show the world! Lets rebuild Nishat Cinema!


  1. Three pictures actually depict three mind sets:
    People who are proud of their heritage,
    People who were building foundations for a modern Pakistan and
    People who have been mislead and trying to impose their mindset by the force of Ignorance, Intolerance and Intimidation.

  2. And I will continue to advocate for a modern Pakistan.