Thursday, July 26, 2012

Snooze Cubes!

Brilliant idea! I always wanted to quit my advertising job and start a business of nap pods in downtown Manhattan. The idea came to me Dario and I as we sluggishly walked around during our lunch break after a long night of clubbing on a weeknight we found ourselves at work a few hours later. Sleep in our eyes, red bulls for breakfast and how another 5 hours at work seemed impossible. It was then at a deli when I announced to Dario that I was going to quit my job and start this business. It was perfect for travellers waiting for their buses and party-monsters like us that would spend all night dancing and yet had to come to work the next day. Dario brought me back to reality by reminding me that it could become a haven for the homeless, hookers tricking with johns in our nap pods and of course all it would take would be ine infestation of crabs for me to go bankrupt. It was back to work we went. =(

But this is great and the next time Im going home...I know I have a place to nap, be lazy and even blog in Dubai! =)

Shout out to Sonia Kay for sharing this on her facebook =)

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