Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reminds me of a time Alisha and I once took a Rickshaw to Muddys!

Karachiites...why must you be so cool. Cant wait for it to come to Isloo by my next trip.

Call-a-Rik at your door-step for an affordable price of Rs10 per kilometer.

The Call-a-Rik project, launched by Penta Enterprises on July 24, initially has 27 rickshaws with spotless doors and glass windows. The rickshaws’ backseats are as big as Suzuki Mehran, an LCD screen for entertainment, and headphones for every passenger to buffer the noise outside.

The Vehicle is designed in considering the Passenger’s comfort. “It is safe and secure from sound & dust pollution. Passenger’s especially accompanying children safety is our prime objective. You can see that its lockable doors will keep you and your clothes safe from dust,” the company claims.

“Each vehicle is installed with a tracking device so that our office knows exactly where each and every passenger is. If you put your child in one of our ricks you can find his exact location from us whenever you want,” Pakistan leading English daily The News quoted Mohsin Dharsi, as company representative, as saying.

The vehicles, manufactured and assembled in Pakistan, will travel to any place in Karachi, apart from Lyari, North Karachi and Kati Pahari, and a few more conflict-ridden areas. However the company charge Rs.10 per kilometer but Rs100 is the minimum fair of any ride below 10 kilometer.

The project aims to increase the number of rickshaws in the city to 100 by December, and after that there are plans of introducing them in the cities of Lahore and Islamabad.

“We have received an overwhelming response by the public, way more than expected. Yesterday, I received a call from a Pakistani living in Germany who wanted to invest in 50 rickshaws with me.”

Dharsi claims that he has also received feedback from friends in Bangladesh, who want to replicate the project there.

“It is neither a Taxi nor a Rickshaw. We have named it “RIK”,” the company says.

You can call or SMS for booking at 0331-CALLRIK (2255 745).

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