Monday, February 25, 2013

The Devil Wears DKNY!

DKNY needs to be sued by HONY! One of my favorite tumblrs and facebook page posted this! At first I was shocked and thought that it had to be a joke. How could DKNY stoop to such a low level but they have. They need to be taken to the cleaners. They just proved that they are superficial idiots that only jump on the fad bandwagon. Fashion without a soul, lacks class! Please read, spread the word and help a beautiful blogger with a keen eye for beauty among ordinary win over ugly souls that steal bandwagon trends and sit on high horses. " I am a street photographer in New York City. Several months ago, I was approached by a representative of DKNY who asked to purchase 300 of my photos to hang in their store windows "around the world." They offered me $15,000. A friend in the industry told me that $50 per photo was not nearly enough to receive from a company with hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue. So I asked for more money. They said "no." Today, a fan sent me a photo from a DKNY store in Bangkok. The window is full of my photos. These photos were used without my knowledge, and without compensation. I don't want any money. But please SHARE this post if you think that DKNY should donate $100,000 on my behalf to the YMCA in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. That donation would sure help a lot of deserving kids go to summer camp. I'll let you guys know if it happens."

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